Celebrating 200: The Lawyerist Podcast’s 200th Episode

A Huge Thank You

How do you really say “thank you!” to an amorphous blob of people who, as a collective, have changed our lives for the better in so many ways? We’re not sure, but we’re going to give it a shot: thank you, amorphous blob!

We launched The Lawyerist Podcast almost exactly four years ago. Since then, we’ve done 200 episodes, interviewed a pantload of impressive guests, cajoled some really brilliant sponsors to back our efforts, and beamed as you’ve downloaded our episodes nearly one million times (no kidding).

Our vision has always been to bend the arc of lawyering and law practice. You’ve helped us do that, and we’re inexpressibly grateful. Thank you.

Our Favorite Episodes

Is having a podcast like having babies? We’re not sure, but we are sure that it’s tough to pick our favorites. And although we love them all, we’ve decided against listing all 200 of them here. (We did that here instead).

But we have been preparing for this podcast episode for a couple of weeks, and we’ve had tons of fun looking back at the provocative guests, the exceptional advice, and the practice-changing tools that have flowed from our mics, through your earbuds, and into the deepest recesses of your sponge-like brains. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have. So, with some additional commentary below, and in no particular order, here are some of our favorites:

Podcast #149: What Millennials Want from Your Law Firm, with Nicole Abboud

Nicole Abboud HeadshotSam: Here’s what they want: to have you pay attention to how they research and buy anything. Because that’s how they’re going to decide to pay you for your services, too. Nicole talks about meeting millennials where they are (spoiler alert: they’re online) and being authentic.

Podcast #188: The Key to Better Family Relationships, with Jim Sheils

Stephanie: This episode explored concrete ways to have more meaningful engagement with our families. I love hearing from community members that their kids are busy planning board meetings and folks are having date nights with a question. They work!

Podcast #163: Sustainable Subscription Fees for Business Clients, with Kim Bennett

Kim Bennett HeadshotMarshall: First of all, Kim Bennett is a total bad-ass. Second, I represented business clients when I owned my law firm. I always believed that a subscription fee model was sustainable, and I tinkered with it for years. I’m with Kim: business matters are perfect for subscription fees if done the right way.

Podcast #187: Why You Need a Mastermind, with Stephanie Everett

Aaron: Our very own Stephanie Everett is steeped in mastermind groups. She’s in them, she’s run them, and she’s, well…mastered them. This episode explores why they are so important and how they can change your business (and, probably, your life) for the better.

Podcast #155: Why Intake is the Key to Law Firm Success, with Billie Tarascio

Aaron: I love this episode. Billie Tarascio has poured massive amounts of time, energy, and money into mastering the intake process for her firm. She has taken that learning and developed a process that can take your intake process to another level, too.

Podcast #184: Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, with Amy Morin

Amy Morin HeadshotLindsey: I loved this episode and I love Amy, her book, and her philosophies in general. This episode was super inspiring, and thinking back on her 13 tips helps me regain focus and gratitude in my own life.

Podcast #137: Career Change for Smart Professionals, with Rikke Hansen

Aaron: Rikke’s wonderful episode about career change explores how lawyers can stop overthinking and halt their self-sabotage, then start thinking productively about when to start their own firm or leave the profession altogether.

Podcast #69: The Big Case, with Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang

Dean Strang headshotSam: This episode aired during Making a Murderer’s climax, and Dean didn’t disappoint. We talked about how he came to represent a man wrongfully convicted on sexual assault charges who went on to face murder charges. Fascinating.

Podcast #153: Building a Future-Centric Law Firm, with Peter Aprile & Natalie Worsfold

Stephanie: Peter and Natalie are great examples of lawyers building a future-centric law firm. This episode gives us a peek into their brains and how they think about changing the industry. A great listen for anyone who wants to learn what innovation looks like. You can also explore their podcast Building NewLaw, which is superb.

Podcast #109: Recognizing Opportunities, with Andrew Haugen

Aaron: Talk about a tipping point! Andrew was planning to leave law practice for good. But instead of doing that, he chose to acquire two family law practices instead. He talked about how he has worked to integrate those practices into a powerful entity.

Podcast #123: Why Mentoring Could Be the Key to Your Legal Career, with Marshall Lichty

Marshall LichtyMarshall: The guest on this one might be a bit of a goofball, but this episode features the single best way to tie your shoes ever invented (don’t @ me) and some meaningful talk about mentorship, which, in my reasoned opinion, is a part of our personal and professional lives that we all need level up.

Podcast #147: Accessible Justice, with Haben Girma

Sam & Aaron: Talk about inspiring change. Haben is the first deaf-blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School. She talked with us about how to rethink the way we design our business relationships, courts, and law firms to support people with disabilities and increase access to justice for everyone. It was lovely.

Podcast #183: Rethinking Substance Abuse & Addiction, with Jeff Glover

Aaron: Sam and his cousin Jeff explore a sticky problem through a refreshing lens. Substance abuse and addiction afflict lawyers at alarming rates, and Jeff talks about stigma, sensitivity, and alternatives to the AA approach.

Podcast #100: KPIs and Starting with the End in Mind, with Mary Juetten

Marshall: KPIs are critically important. But we have good data to suggest that most lawyers aren’t using key performance indicators. Heck, most lawyers aren’t using any performance indicators. Hopefully this episode gets lawyers thinking about their businesses as living organisms that can be improved over time.

Podcast #12: Ellie Krug on Starting a Firm and Litigating as Both a Man and as a Woman

Aaron: Ellie explores a topic we love (starting a law firm), but from a completely unique perspective: as a lawyer who has litigated cases as a man and as a woman.

Podcast #185: Acting Like a Law Firm Owner, with Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong HeadshotStephanie: Sam and Jordan discuss the difference between how typical law-firm partners understand their roles and how they would act differently if they embrace their roles as owners. Jordan makes a pithy distinction that more lawyers should understand and appreciate.

Marshall. I love this one for the same reasons Stephanie mentioned. This might be the single most important realization most would-be law firm owners need to sort out. It is almost certainly the most important distinction I’ve seen made between those who will do well and those who will do poorly in their law businesses.

Sam. Yep, I love my conversations with Jordan. There are some other great ones in episodes #58 and #124, too.

Podcast #150: Business Lessons Learned in the Dead Zone on Mt. Everest, with Dean Cardinale

Sam: This is literally a podcast about how climbing Mt. Everest (and taking other informed risks) will help you run a better business. Fascinating and inspiring episode.

Podcast #158: Before You Even Think About Hiring Anyone, Listen to This Episode with Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox HeadshotAyesha: We’ve heard a ton of hiring horror stories and explore them in our Insider group on Facebook. Ashley’s episode is chock-full of useful advice to help you avoid the most common traps.

Podcast #175: Getting Organized at Home and Work, with Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann HeadshotAaron: Merlin Mann is a hero to throngs of organization and productivity fans. He talked with us about how to really get organized at work and in life, and how organization can help balance your work with your life.

Podcast #159: Augmented Reality in the Courtroom, with Mitch Jackson

Stephanie: Mitch Jackson sorta blew my mind on this one. I loved hearing examples of how technology will impact trials. The idea that jurors will wear glasses and “visit” the crime scene or how jury consultants can participate in trials through AR was crazy cool!

Podcast #191: Building a Practice Around Your Tribe, with Shannon Montgomery

Shannon Montgomery HeadshotLindsey: I thought this episode was interesting because Shannon literally built her job around her passion. This one was also personally inspiring. And Shannon is just a badass, so I have to favor this one.

Podcast #190: How to Advertise on Facebook, with Nic Kusmich

Stephanie: Nic Kusmich does a great job of explaining how an inbound marketing strategy can work for a law firm. He also packed the episode with tons of little, useful tips. I’ve listened to this one several times!

Lindsey: I agree with Stephanie on this one. Nic packed this one with tons of super powerful little tips.

Podcast #89: Starting a Solo Practice, with Mac Power Users Podcaster Katie Floyd

Marshall: Katie Floyd is magnificent. In this episode, she talks about one thing lots of folks need  help with: planning to start their own firm.) She is also excellent in Episode #128 and, at least until the end of 2018, on Mac Power Users.

Podcast #162: Designing Your Clients’ Experience, with Joey Coleman

Marshall: Thinking about the client experience is crucial, and “designing” that experience is the essential element of that exercise. This episode really helps people do something that lawyers seem to be allergic to (and that could change their businesses for good and forever.)

Podcast #119: How Stress is Sabotaging Your Clients, with Nika Kabiri

Aaron: Your clients’ stress can quickly become your challenge. Nika talked about how that happens, how stress harms their ability to make good decisions, and how you can help them (and yourself). It was a wonderful client-centered episode that I just love.

Podcast #105: How Small Firms Can Promote Diversity, with Heather Hackman

Aaron: Heather offered up a powerful perspective on diversity that punched a lot of us right in the gut. She talked about small law firms’ roles in increasing diversity in the profession as a whole.

Thank You! (For Your Support, Your Ears, & Your Reviews!)

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has listened to and supported this podcast over the years. From its inception, The Lawyerist Podcast has been about the future of lawyering and law practice. Without you, we would never have been able to keep talking about the future. Without you, the future of lawyering would look a bit bleaker. So, thank you.

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