“Bring Your Child To Co-Work Day” Could Soon Be Here

From the Department of Someone Really Should Have Thought of This Sooner comes the idea of a co-working space with built-in day care:

[Portland entrepreneur Glaucia] Martin-Porath says she’s already got a child care provider lined up and is currently on the hunt for 6,000 to 8,000 square feet for the co-working space, plus another 5,000 square feet for the child care accommodations.

It seems unfathomable that no one has focused on this until now. While Martin-Porath is focusing on co-working mothers and has more than 100 women who have expressed interest in the concept, the idea of built-in day care would be a boon to any gender of entrepreneur. Arguably, in a family scenario where both parents work, the able-to-co-work-parent might be the one with more flexibility already tasked with picking the children up from daycare or staying at home when needed.

And in case you were wondering, niche co-working is apparently by no means limited to focusing on parents with childcare needs.

In Denver, Colo. alone, there’s Green Labs, a place for entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry; Green Spaces, a spot that’s entirely solar-powered and requires members to be green-certified; and LawBank, a co-working space for attorneys[.]

Well, if I was going to pick a place for the weed co-working spot, it definitely would be Denver.

Featured image: “Young businessman at a meeting” from Shutterstock.

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  1. Avatar Paul Spitz says:

    It’s also a great way to introduce your pre-schooler to the joys of weed.

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