Bring a Portable Whiteboard When Out of the Office

Earlier this week I had my first meeting with a client at their house and wrote about essential equipment for attorneys on the move (lots of great comments on that post, by the way).

During my meeting, I used my legal pad for visualization purposes, and found myself dying for a whiteboard. Fortunately, portable whiteboards exist, and they are worth price.

How it works

WhiteyBoard is more like a poster, instead of a board. The product is like a white film that has permanent static cling—which means you can stick onto walls and other objects. This is great for two reasons.

One, you stick it in your briefcase or bag, rather than lugging around a whiteboard. Two, if you bring a whiteboard, you have to bring a stand too. In addition, the product seems to maintain its ability to cling to surfaces. Just like a regular whiteboard, you can wipe away your work and use it again.

There are a variety of sizes available, depending on what best suits your needs. Most importantly, all of the sizes are affordable and much cheaper than purchasing a normal whiteboard.

Why it is useful

Most people cannot digest information solely by listening, which is why I frequently use whiteboard diagrams when meeting with clients. When I was meeting with clients out of the office, I had to use my legal pad to draw diagrams, which was less than ideal.

As noted above, this eliminates carrying around a whiteboard and a stand. Drawing on a legal pad is ok, but you are constrained by the surface area of a legal pad. In addition, I have not mastered the art of writing upside down. When I was diagramming on my legal pad, I was constantly drawing and then flipping my pad around so that the clients could see my work.

If you make lots of house calls and find yourself tired of drawing on legal pads, I highly recommend trying out WhiteyBoards.



  1. Avatar Adam Pizer says:

    I can’t imagine using this in a client’s home. I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable if someone came into my home and wanted to stick something on my wall and write on it, even if they assured me it wouldn’t leave any marks.

  2. Avatar Jennifer Munter Stark says:

    I have never heard of these….where to you get them?… but am a HUGE fan of the giant sticky note pad-they are poster size. While I have not brought them to a client’s home, they are great in the courtroom to stick over the top of the white board-opposing counsel can move them but not erase them. Clients can draw on them or they can be preprepared for use during arguement. They do not ruin walls and a sharpie won’t soak through. In your office they are good for clients, giant to-do lists and (my favorite) make a great huge paper airplane. If you ever need to entertain your kids (or your client’s kids) it is cheap and easy fun.


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