Be Your Own Receptionist

Receptionists are invaluable members of the firm, but in this economy you can eliminate the position and still be successful.

  1. Answer your own phone. Yes, it can be time consuming, but it is also cheaper. If you are truly adverse to talking to potential clients all day, consider paying for a voicemail transcription service. The services are much cheaper than a receptionist and it can increase efficiency.
  2. Streamline your mail. Pay your bills online and tell vendors to send you invoices via email. Tell clients to send documents via email and you can also do the same. Scanners are wonderful inventions.
  3. Keep your calendar digitally. Electronic calendars like Google Calendar make scheduling a breeze. It is faster to do it yourself and you can easily setup reminders of appointments.
  4. Get an electronic fax number. No more standing over the machine, changing the toner, and busy signals. Online fax numbers make sending and receiving easy, efficient, and time-saving.

Even if you do not want to eliminate your receptionist, even taking on some of the tasks may allow you to scale back a receptionist’s hours and save you some cash.

How to Fire Your Receptionist | Chuck Newton Rides the Third Wave

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