Be a Successful Independent Contractor

successfulindycontractorIn this legal market you need to be flexible, and with the right mindset you can be successful doing contract work.

  1. Setting your rate. If you are just starting, there are two trains of thought. One, set your price level now. Two, set your price low so you can actually get work. I think the second is a better idea. I have said it in other articles, but the goal is to get in the door somewhere, and show them how awesome you are. Once a client realizes what good work you do, you can raise your price and they will pay it.
  2. Always sign a contract. It does not matter who your client is, you need to have a contract. How many hours will you be working? When do you get paid? What about supplemental expenses? These things can bite you on the back end if you do not deal with them up front.
  3. Opportunity vs. Money. You need to a pay rent, and someone offers you a crummy job that pays well. Someone else offers a great job that is well below your normal rate. As cliche as it sounds, trust your gut. If you are excited about the opportunity and it feels right—go for it.

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