Are Clients Happy With Your Customer Service?

To some clients, whether you are a good attorney or not is solely based on results. If you get a good outcome, you are a great attorney. Bad outcome—no so much.

Regardless of the outcome, however, most clients put a strong emphasis on their working relationship with you. Did you keep them informed, did you listen to them, did you achieve their goals? An easy way to improve this facet of your legal skills is to ask for feedback from your clients.

Case closed? Call your client

In today’s busy-busy world, many cases are closed without seeing the client for a final meeting. Even if you do have a final meeting with your client, there is still work to be done.

Give them a call a week or so after the case is closed. Not a letter, not an email, call them up. Taking the time to call should also display how important client service is to you and your firm. Ask them if they were happy with the service you provided and if you could have done anything better. You can even invite them to send you an email if they think of something later.

For the most part, clients will probably give you good feedback. But they might also mention something that you had never thought of.

Online survey?

An easier, and perhaps less effective route, is to send an email questionnaire for clients to fill out. The problem with this method is that it comes across as impersonal to a certain extent. On the other hand, clients may feel more open to respond to an anonymous survey as opposed to telling you over the phone that you were rude to them throughout their case.

Whatever method you choose, following up with your clients is an important element of improving your client service.

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  1. Randall, You’re right: communicating with your clients about your service is so, so important. Simply asking clients for feedback can not only improve the level of service you offer but save your practice money, whether you do so informally simply by checking in ) or formally with client surveys ). Thanks for the great reminder! -ae

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