ABA Journal: TBD Law Is “About as Far from Traditional Legal Conferences … as You Can Get.”


In this month’s ABA Journal, Reginald Davis reports on his experience at the first TBD Law, which took place last August. Here is how he described the no-speaker format:

Small groups were formed and reformed; games aimed at sharing experiences and practice problems were played; and by the end of the sessions, plans for new practices that would be relevant five years from now were presented to loud applause.

(Read the whole article! You can also find it in this month’s ABA Journal magazine.)

In fact, the collaborative energy has continued in the Slack chatrooms we set up for attendees, and the enthusiasm showed when we asked alumni for testimonials. Here is what some of those who attended had to say (there are more on the TBD Law page):


Go! Make time in your schedule, make space in your budget, and go! These were the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo, and I will continue to reap the benefits of these two days for years to come.

—Megan Zavieh


TBD is like no other conference. If you are serious about legal innovation, rethinking traditional law practice, and self-evaluation, do whatever it takes to clear your schedule and attend. The TBD experience requires you to think outside of the box and challenges the barriers that we often build to limit our law practices. It provides the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues from across the globe and the best part is it does not end after the conference is over.

—Brandon Moffitt

Apply for an Invitation to TBD2


TBD2 is February 26–28, 2017, in St. Louis. Attendance is capped at 75 so that everyone’s voice can be heard. That means TBD Law has to be invitation-only. But we welcome applications from everyone who is willing to engage with big ideas about law practice.

Restricting attendance also lets us emphasize diversity. We take it as a given that innovative lawyers come in all genders, colors, and sexual orientations, and we are working to make sure TBDers reflect that diversity.

If you would like to attend TBD Law in February, please apply for an invitation:

Apply for an Invitation to TBD Law

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