Our 10-Year Anniversary

Relatively speaking, a decade is a long time. Einstein reflected on time and relativity by pondering that an hour spent with your lover seems to take a minute, and a minute with your hand on a hotplate seems to take an hour. Hopefully, your time with Lawyerist has felt altogether unlike having your hand on a hotplate for even a moment.

In 2009, Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States. “Sully” landed an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River. Iceland’s banking system (and, for that matter, entire government) collapsed. Michael Jackson died. Unemployment was north of 10%. Around 6,000 lawyers were laid off in short order (and many of those jobs still haven’t come back). The Yankees beat the Phillies four games to two in the 105th World Series (mercifully, they haven’t won one since). Parks and Recreation debuted, and Avatar crushed at the box office. Apple released the iPhone 3GS. Snapchat, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, and Venmo didn’t exist, And the US economy was in the throes of the worst economic recession since the 1930s.

Here’s what we can say unequivocally: time has flown by for us. 120 months ago, Lawyerist had 4,000 site visits in a good month and just a few pages of meaningful content. Today, nearly 4,000 people visit the site each day. When they do, they find a website packed with thousands of pages of content, virtually all of which are dedicated in meaningful ways to helping you build the law business you want. Our two-person team grew to ten, and we’re continually pouring energy and resources into creating a community you can love.

To say we’ve grown is an understatement.

Lawyerist’s First Decade

We’ve enjoyed countless milestones in our first decade. Here is just a smattering:

  • We built the Small Firm Scorecard! It’s a quick—and super powerful—tool designed to help small firms and solo lawyers assess their strengths and weaknesses to manage the firm’s success in the next decade.
  • We launched product reviews and ratings and organized them into hubs that help you pick software that will fit well in your law firm. Some of our favorites explore law practice management software, website designers & SEO service providers, virtual receptionists, and credit card processing companies. There are others (and more on the way);
  • We’ve written and published more than 4,000 blog posts to help you learn more about the business of law;
  • We conceived, designed, and published a productivity journal to help focus your days and maximize your productivity;
  • We’ve published almost 150 unique videos about law practice on our site and on YouTube.
  • We nurture our online tribe through our FREE Lawyerist Insider subscription and Facebook Group; and
  • We launched LabCon for those of you interested in a more intensive and personalized experience.

Thank you. Each of you has played an important role in our journey, and we’re deeply grateful.

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