Do you find yourself wondering how some bloggers seem to come up with excellent blog post ideas on a regular basis? From time to time even the most talented writers in the blogosphere can find themselves fresh out of ideas for new posts. Here are some blog post ideas to help you get writing.


Write a review of a product or service that you use personally or professionally. Have you recently had an exceptionally positive or negative experience with something in your office? Perhaps you’ve been really impressed with your practice management tools, a particular iphone app, or your office scanner.

Have you recently read a book, an industry magazine or publication, other blog in your niche from which you learned something new, found useful, or completely disagreed with? Thinking critically about the content you consumer can be one of the best sources for blog post ideas. Even if your post is simply a list things you learned or an inspirational or influential quote.

How-to Posts

Remember, one of the most common uses of the Internet is for research. Therefore, some of the most effective blog posts focus on providing researchers answers to their questions. As a lawyer, you have education, knowledge, and experience that is very valuable. Sharing that information through your blog with how-to posts is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and provide useful information to your audiences.


Blogging can also be therapeutic. Writing about something that really rubs you the wrong way can be cathartic. You might also find that others feel the same way. And even if you’re in the minority camp, perhaps you might learn something from the comments to your rant or be inspired for a follow-up blog post.


Keep in mind that blog posts can take many forms. Sometimes even a simple list can make for a great post. You might compile a list of tools that help your audience perform certain tasks. Perhaps you have a list of people, blogs, or forums that you have found particularly helpful on a subject related to your practice.


Interviewing leaders in your particular niche can really enhance the richness of your blog. Bringing in a fresh voice, perspective, or even contrary point of view, makes for a healthy blog. But you don’t have to interview only those considered experts. Consider interviewing regular folks about their experiences. Interview a colleague or even a client about a particular experience relevant to your practice.


Asking questions is a great way to get your readers to engage and interact with your blog. Ask questions about something specific related to your practice. You should also periodically ask your readers for general feedback about your blog. This is a very effective way to make sure you are giving readers what they want from you.

Searching For Blog Post Ideas

And of course, you can use search to find great blog post ideas. The web is full of ideas on developing great blog posts. Search on people’s names to see what’s being published. Search on specific subjects. Search through your online social networking communities. Spend more time searching and listening, and you’ll likely find that you have a lot more to blog about than you ever could have imagined.

I also recommend that you keep a list of post ideas. If you’re like me, you are likely to go through gluts and droughts of post inspiration. Keeping a running list during the thick times will help you meet your posting schedule.


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