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Here’s what we’re listening to this week.

The Un-Billable Hour: “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What Lawyers Need to Know”

With at least 900 different cryptocurrencies being traded on the internet, it’s now clear that cryptocurrencies (and blockchain technology) will affect the way law is practiced. In this episode, host Christopher Anderson talked with Joshua Lenon, lawyer-in-residence for Clio, about why it is essential for attorneys to know about these types of technologies. They also talk about how blockchain helps perfect the authentication of digital files and how attorneys can start to accept cryptocurrency for payment.

The Digital Edge: “The Apple Product Cheat Sheet”

Apple products pervade the legal industry, and almost 75% of lawyers use iPhones. iPads have also become more and more common for lawyers to use as well. This week, Brett Burney, a Mac-using lawyer who works with lawyers that want to integrate Apple products into their practice, talks with hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway about the newest Apple products, the benefits of iOS 11, and the top apps that attorneys should use.

Digital Detectives: “A Breach of Trust: The Aftermath of the Equifax Hack”

143 million Americans were affected by the Equifax breach, where hackers got access to names, addresses, and social security numbers. John Simek and Sharon Nelson talk about the breach, who was affected, the lawsuits, and whether the hack could have been prevented. They also talk about locking versus freezing your credit and why taking action to protect yourself can be complicated.

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