joblistingIn this dreary legal job market, at least one blog is posting some good news by listing openings at large firms across the country.

RecruiterEsq compiles a weekly list of job openings from AmLaw 100 firms. The list includes the position type, practice area, location, and a link to the firm’s website. The downsides are that these are only big firm jobs, and the list is not searchable.

But even if a big firm is not your cup of tea, the list is still helpful. First, because you might be able to track locations where more jobs are available. Second, because the site lists practice areas, you might get a better handle on what areas are hotter than others. At the very least, if you are on the prowl for jobs, add this site to your list.

Legal Blog Tracks Lateral Hiring at Firms | Legal Blog Watch

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  1. On the surface. this looks helpful. However, it’s hard to tell from the website how current the listings are. I would use this as a rough guide only and go directly to the firm websites. In addition, as with all job searches, nothing substitutes for having some contact with a live body. Websites like this can point you in the general direction of a job, but that can’t do all the work for you.

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