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ABA Journal Modern Law Library: “Will Big Data Tools Make Policing Less Biased–or Violate People’s Rights?”

For this episode of Modern Law Library, the ABA Journal‘s Lee Rawles talked to Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, author of The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement. In an era where police departments are short on resources but still face pressure to both decrease crime and end racially discriminatory police practices, many of those departments are turning to big data. However, without transparency as to how those tools are used, should the public have confidence they’re being used responsibly? Ferguson talks to Rawles about how big data tools became popular, how they can be misused, and how implicit bias can taint results. Ferguson also shares some suggestions about how citizens can have an impact on how big data is used in their communities.

On the Road: “MIT Legal Forum 2017—The Legal Hackers Movement”

Legal Talk Network visited the MIT Legal Forum last month and talked with Tony Lai, a lawyer and entrepreneur, and MarkPotkewitz is a legal technology fellow at Brooklyn Law School and the communications director at the Foundation for Fund Governance. They discussed legal hackers, a group of lawyers, academics, and tech nerds that are exploring technology solutions to the most relevant legal issues. They also talk about how the legal hackers movement helps with access to justice.

Dirty John: “The Real Thing”

A six-part true crime podcast in the vein of Serial and S-Town, Dirty John follows the story of a summer 2016 homicide victim with multiple stab wounds. The podcast was co-produced by the Los Angeles Times and is narrated by Christopher Goffard, the journalist who wrote the Times pieces.

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