The Best Moments From Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Who is Phoenix Wright? He’s an improbable video game trial lawyer whose only superpower is that he’s a really good lawyer… sort of. Gamemaker Capcom describes him as” the rookie defense lawyer new to the scene with the wildest cross-examination skills in town.” That’s one way of putting it.

The Phoenix Wright games have spawned a wiki, memes, and even an objection maker. What’s the appeal of the game? The mock trailer for the Phoenix Wright feature length film will give you a taste.

You can also check out the entire real movie here.

In the meantime, prepare to be inspired with the best moments from Phoenix Wright.

If you try to replicate Wright’s success, beware: results may vary.

Featured image: ““Phoenix says…Hold it!!”” by J from the UK is licensed CC by 2.0.

Perry Mason Cross-Examination

A lawyer with the “wildest cross-examination skills in town,” Phoenix manages to get his witness to buckle under pressure.

If only it were so easy.

Investigation Skills Crack The Case

Phoenix pays attention to the crime scene and proves that the witness is lying. Though a knife sticking out of the guy’s chest is a pretty obvious clue.

For an epic come-from-behind cross-examination triumph, you’ll have to re-watch this  scene in Legally Blonde:

Using Mind Games To Control The Judge

Come on, Mr. Blackquill, it’s pretty easy to win when you use mind control to convince the judge to do your opening statement for you. Especially since these cases are all bench trials.

If I were Phoenix, I’d start objecting right about now.

Making Your Ex Have A Mental Breakdown On The Stand

Dahlia Hawthorne tried to poison Phoenix in college and frame him for the murder of her boyfriend. And she did a lot of other bad things too. But Phoenix makes good use of his chance to taunt her about what she didn’t accomplish.

Client Control

Phoenix Wright defends his childhood friend Larry Butz for the murder of her ex-girlfriend Cindy Stone. Wright had to do a lot right to make up for the damage Butz did when he took the stand in his own defense.

Verdict: You Lose

If you’re looking for a well-reasoned decision by the judge, you won’t find it in this court. There’s nothing to cushion you from the agony of defeat.

Fortunately, Phoenix has only lost one case.


Need Phoenix Wright-themed soundtrack music for your opening statement, cross-examination, or closing?

This guy has everything you need.

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