It has been an amazing year for Lawyerist!

From the addition of a number of new Lawyerist writers, to the launch of the Lawyerist LAB, we have been having a great 2010.

Most of all, we are grateful to all of our readers (old and new) for your support this year!

And so—for your reading pleasure—we present our Top 10 Posts from 2010:

  1. A Few of the Best Law Firm Websites: A review of some well-designed law firm websites, including a review of the features that make them great.
  2. New Solo Law Practice = Malpractice?: New lawyers often assume they can’t start their own law practice for fear of committing malpractice. While all lawyers should consider their malpractice risks, new lawyers shouldn’t worry too much.
  3. Moving Past Bad Law School Grades: Law students whose grades don’t go as planned should consider their options and make a strategic decision for how to move forward.
  4. Interview with a Law Firm—and Ace It: Tips from a former CSO director on how to succeed in law firm interviews.
  5. Starting Law School this Fall? Advice for Pre-1Ls: Students admitted to law school should follow these tips before law school starts in the fall.
  6. Law School Career Services Fail, But There Are Fixes: Almost all law school career services offices do their best, but most fail to deliver real value to law students. Here are some ideas on how to fix this problem.
  7. Will Lawyers Use the iPad in Law Practice?: iPads are certainly cool, but are they actually a valuable tool for lawyers? Here are some thoughts on whether the iPad is tool or just a toy for lawyers.
  8. Are Unpaid Interns and Law Clerks Illegal?: Federal labor laws can be confusing, but it is fairly clear that many law firms violate the law when they offer “volunteer” law clerk positions.
  9. How to Succeed in Law School: Our best tips for how to be the best law student you can be. From networking, to interviewing, to class selection and exam tips, it’s all here.
  10. Going Solo: Debunking the Top Ten Fears: New and prospective solos are full of fear and anxiety. It’s understandable. But it turns out that a lot of those worries just are not warranted, so go forth!

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