Zola Creative is a legal marketing and web design firm that creates interactive websites and provides online marketing services to help you build and grow your practice. Zola deploys SEO and other digital marketing strategies and approaches to generate visibility and traffic for your practice.

Zola Creative highlights

Interactive features for visitors. In your site design, Zola offers interactive features like click-to-call technology, newsletter management, and consultation requests.

ZolaCRM. Zola also offers comprehensive lead-tracking and intake automation with it’s cloud-based CRM product.

Zola Creative pricing

Like many other firms, Zola does not have pricing information readily available on their website. You will need to contact them with your project scope and goals to get an idea of pricing.

Things you might want to know

Zola Zola Zola. Zola Creative is affiliated with Zola Suite law practice management software. You can use ZolaCRM through Zola Creative and integrate it with (you guessed it) Zola Suite.

Portfolio. They have a curated portfolio online for your perusal. Check it out to see if their style, design, and aesthetic suits you. They also have a sampling of their logo and branding work, which might appeal to you.

Video marketing. Zola offers the same menu of web design and digital marketing offerings as many other firms. But explore their offerings in video marketing, which is increasingly important for search engine algorithms and a not-yet-ubiquitous service from website design and SEO services providers. You might like Zola’s Video Engagement Package, which helps you create a custom YouTube channel and stock it with videos to promote your practice.

Who Zola Creative is for

Zola Creative provides web development and marketing services for all law firms, but has specialized marketing plans for personal injury, matrimonial, and criminal defense firms. If you already use Zola Suite as your law practice management software, using Zola Creative is probably a no-brainer because you’ll take advantage of integrations and working within the same system. 

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