NiftyLaw is a quirky and contemporary full-service digital marketing company that provides SEO and paid advertising services, web design, and reputation management services. They’ve been around for nearly ten years and boast more than 20 Google Analytics qualified team members and nine Google Adwords qualified folks on their staff. It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

NiftyLaw Highlights

Online portfolio. Not sure if their style and approach are right for you? Check out the online portfolio and client testimonials on their website.

Free SEO Report.  Nifty offers a free and complete overview of your website’s SEO performance, which includes your search rankings, business listings, and reviews, and a competitive link analysis. If you’re new to SEO, this is a great first step to learn where you can improve.

Beyond Link Building. Nifty will help you create an authoritative, reputable, and trustworthy site through content, but also through link building. They use white-hat tactics to build links to your site on more than just directories.

NiftyLaw Pricing

Like most other digital marketing firms, Nifty does not have pricing information readily available on their website. You will need to contact them for a free consultation and quote based on your project’s needs.

They have different pricing structures depending on the service your hire them for. Commitments for web design will be different from SEO or PPC, but they generally see clients investing around $2,500/month for marketing services.

Things you might want to know

Google Pros. In addition to their Google-qualified staff, Nifty devours continuing education courses on Google products. They specialize and are up-to-date in all things Google Ads.

Work Willingly Naked. Nifty boasts that they like to “work willingly naked.” That means they share everything with you and don’t hide behind complex reports. They want to make sure that you know and understand what you’re paying for. They also promise to “never settle for sloppy,” and to be responsive, empathetic, and original in what they do for you.

Local SEO. Nifty is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services, but they are known for their local SEO work. In fact, their president has published a book on the subject: Winning at Local Search: The Nifty Guide to Online Marketing for Lawyers.

Content Strategy. In addition to creating content for you, NiftyLaw also helps you with developing a holistic content strategy, helping you tell the story you want to tell about your practice. They work with you on persona development, core messaging, video development, and website and blog copy to start building trust with your potential clients.

Paid Advertising. While you may just want to hire a firm for web design and SEO services, you may also want to consider paid advertising to help boost the number of potential clients to your site. Nifty has experience and expertise running paid advertising campaigns for large firms and solo practitioners.

Who NiftyLaw is for

Whether you’re a solo or larger firm, whether new to the scene or want to improve your online presence, Nifty is a good option for lawyers and law firms that want to take a more custom, contemporary, and nifty (ba dum tss) approach to their web presence and SEO.

Contact them for a free consultation, or check out our free law firm website design assessment for some other recommendations.

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