GNGF is an award-winning full-service marketing agency and educator working only with attorneys and law firms. They provide services to help you generate more clients, and  education—in the form of CLEs, podcasts, and guides—to help you with your marketing game.

GNGF Highlights

Set Process. If you’re curious about their approach to your project, they break down their process in a nifty chart available on their website. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of what exactly they’re doing for you.

24/7 Reporting. As part of their process, GNGF offers always-available reporting dashboards and tools for you to know where your project stands at any given moment. Once you begin a project with them, you will work with only one account manager for the entire project, making contact and communications much more streamlined.

Offline Marketing. In addition to traditional digital marketing services, GNGF also will work with their clients on developing offline materials, from logos to print advertising, to ensure that your message and law firm’s brand is consistent online and off.

GNGF Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on the service you use, the scope of your project, and your needs and goals. You can generally expect to spend at least few hundred dollars per month for services like online reputation management, and more for marketing services like SEO.

Things you might want to know

Transparency. While GNGF wants to earn your business to help you grow yours, they also provide you with all the information you would ever need to get started doing your own SEO, content development, or reputation management. They suspect, though, (and they’re probably right) that you’re already busy and that your life will be easier if you hire someone else to do all that for you.

Consulting. Maybe you do want to give all this a shot yourself, but you just want a little guidance along the way. If their educational material still leaves you with some gaps in how you want to approach digital marketing, GNGF offers consulting on those topics to help you help yourself.

CLEs.  GNGF has taught Continuing Legal Education presentations based on their book, Online Law Practice Strategies, at bar associations around the country. The leaders at GNGF and the authors of the book travel around the country to give CLEs at bar association events and other legal conferences.

Who GNGF is for.

GNGF is a good option for attorneys who want a high-touch and interactive approach for their digital marketing. For lawyers who want to go it alone, they are a good resource to learn and do more digital marketing between their learning materials and consulting offerings.

Contact them for a consultation, or check out our free law firm website design assessment for some other recommendations.

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