AttorneySync is a lawyer-owned marketing agency founded in 2008 specializing in digital legal marketing. They focus on digital marketing, web design, and web development, and they feature an in-house team that also includes designers, developers, strategists, content marketers, and marketing specialists. If you need a website built or redesigned, if your website needs to be optimized for search engine visibility, or if you need to improve your social media presence, AttorneySync’s team can help.

AttorneySync Highlights

Founded by an Attorney, for Attorneys Only. Since AttorneySync was founded by an attorney and only works with other lawyers, they understand the unique issues facing lawyers when they need to effectively and ethically market their law practice online.

Scope of Services. They boast expertise in helping lawyers design and develop websites, develop and execute digital marketing campaigns, implement content marketing strategies, manage overall online presence and reputation, and get insight and analysis about whether what they’re doing is working. They say it best when they say, “If it exists at the intersection of legal marketing and the internet, we probably have it covered.”

Accountability and Transparency. Accountability is difficult with digital marketing, so AttorneySync makes their accountability promises explicit. They explain exactly what they’re doing and why. Since they offer their services on a month-to-month basis, they hold themselves accountable for the work and results they provide to you. Which means that if you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing, you don’t have to continue with them.

White Hat SEO. Although search engines are getting smarter every day, there are still tricks and gimmicks that digital marketing agencies use to game the system. AttorneySync uses “white hat SEO” techniques, meaning they don’t syndicate auto-generated content, they don’t build your brand on the back of suspect link-building rackets, and they avoid strategies that raise red flags and can potentially hurt your brand in the future.

AttorneySync Pricing

AttorneySync doesn’t offer any pricing information on their website. Since pricing depends on many different inputs, including the services you need, your market’s competitiveness, and your marketing goals, among other considerations, they choose to talk with potential clients first to determine the project’s scope and requirements.

They’re right that one-size-fits-all pricing for web design and digital marketing services is difficult, but unless you reach out to them directly, it is hard to even get ballpark estimates of their services.

Things You Might Want to Know

Full Disclosure. AttorneySync’s co-founder, Gyi Tsakalakis, is a frequent contributor to And while we’re at it, Aaron’s wife, Kelly Street, is their Marketing Director.

Portfolio and Client List. AttorneySync doesn’t have an online portfolio in the interest of keeping their client list private. They do, however, offer to provide examples of work, references, and success stories when you contact them.

No Work with Your Competitors. When AttorneySync works with you, they work with you exclusively. That means they won’t work with your competitors in your market.

Free Goodies. If you’re interested in learning more or need help to determine whether AttorneySync is a good fit for your needs, they offer a free consultation. They also have a podcast, free webinars, and a fun Meet The Team page built by their Digital Marketing Manager, David Kranker (move your mouse around).

Who AttorneySync Is For

AttorneySync’s primary niche is ongoing marketing services for solo lawyers and small law firms of up to 25 partners. While they are more than capable of working with larger firms, their similar size makes them uniquely suited to understand and anticipate problems and needs that solos and small firms face. They are also very capable of building out a legit website. But if you’re just looking for a website, they may not be for you. Instead, if you are a small firm or solo with an existing marketing budget, they will help you revise your digital marketing plan and leverage your planned investment in SEO and PPC.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance, contact AttorneySync for a free consultation or check out Lawyerist’s free law firm website assessment!

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