Best Law Firm Websites, 2013 Edition

It’s time. Aaron, Greg, and I have been through the nominations and whittled the contenders down to the 10 best law firm websites from the nominations we received. I expect we all used slightly-different criteria, but it was pretty easy to pick 10.

Each site is visually striking, and many have unique features. Make sure you watch the video on The Kim Law Firm website, check out the parallax effect on Sandage Bell’s, and look for the cheeky copy on Mighty Marks.

Rather than explain why we picked these 10, we’ll let you take a look and decide which you like best.

Here they are, in no particular order. (All links will open in a new tab.)

Boughton Law


The Kim Law Firm


Urenda Rencoret Orrego y Dörr Abogados


Mighty Marks


Disclaimer: Lawyerist Media, LLC, is a Mighty Marks client.

Army JAG Corps


Morris Anderson


Sandage Bell


Patton Boggs


Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer


Mari A. Irwin


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