For eight years, we have been finding the best examples of law firm website design from numerous nominations. Our selection criteria include best practices for website design, basic search engine optimization, and website security.

10 Best Law Firm Websites of 2017:

  1. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence
  2. Yeti Law
  3. Birken Law
  4. Bick Law
  5. McKneely Law
  6. Mulligan Breit, LLC
  7. Cates Mahoney
  8. Gjel Accident Attorneys
  9. Bhatt Law Group
  10. Michels & Lew

Best Law Firm Website -
 Yeti Law

Firm name: Yeti Law
Location: Toronto, ON
Practice areas: Business services, real estate, and estate planning

We liked the way this firm used its website to communicate a strong narrative theme.

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