Lawyerist’s Annual Best Law Firm Websites Contest

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Every year, we ask our readers to help us find the best law firm websites, then pick the top ten. Here are the past winners:

How to Nominate a Website

Nominations will be announced with a blog post on January 1st, and will remain open through February 1st.

The rules for nomination are pretty simple:

  1. No self-interested nominations. If you design a website, host a website, do SEO for a website, work for the firm the website belongs to, or have any other interest in the website, you cannot nominate that website. If you cannot get one uninterested person to nominate it for you, then it probably isn’t worth nominating.
  2. Law firm websites only.

If you have a website you want to nominate, wait for the announcement on January 1st.

How We Pick the Top 10

While drinking coffee or cocktails, depending on the time of day.

We don’t have any strict criteria for picking the top 10, but at a minimum, websites that make the top 10 will look good on all screens (i.e., be responsive) and have the basics covered. We tend not to like hard-sell websites, overly-busy websites, or websites full of cheesy videos. We tend to like good design, tasteful innovation, and copy that informs and engages.

We also try to keep an eye out for misleading information. You won’t make the top 10 if we catch you calling yourself “experienced” your first year out of law school. We don’t conduct an in-depth inquiry into every site (and we aren’t up on the specific ethics rules of every jurisdiction), but we are on the lookout for misleading information, and we know our readers will take us to task if we miss something.