Every practicing lawyer, regardless of practice area, needs to be a great storyteller. At some point in the course of representing a client, effectively conveying their story will be critical to their case. When you have the spotlight, make sure you take advantage.

Sum up the client’s story in one sentence. That first sentence, whether it is the introduction to a brief, or an oral argument, will set the tone. Every other point or fact will relate back to your table-setting introduction. Make it count.

Know the entire story. Good stories do not have holes in them that leave the audience wondering. Make sure you provide all the relevant facts.

Read great stories. Reading other great stories will help you reflect on your own abilities and become even better.

Talk like a non-lawyer. Legal words have no place in storytelling. Pretend like you are talking to someone who knows nothing about the law.

(photo: kodomut)


  1. Jacob Chang says:

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  2. Randall Ryder says:

    Jacob – I have heard good things about Toastmasters – sounds like something worth checking out.

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