Be Prepared for Job Interviews

Regardless of your current situation, you are bound to have a couple more interviews in your life. Whether you are applying for your first job, third job, or last position, you should always walk into a job interview prepared to sell yourself.

If you are looking for some tips, this is a great place to start.

Be prepared to talk about yourself

Many interviewers do not have time to prepare for interviews. They might get a chance to look over your resume when you are sitting across from them. Show up at your interview ready to talk about yourself. It is ok to refer to things on your resume, but do not sit there and simply regurgitate it. You should be able to tell a brief story that encompasses your background and why you are applying for the job.

In addition, if somebody asks something that is obvious and on your resume, do not get annoyed, just tell them the answer. Being snippy is the fast track to not getting hired.

Be able to answer the most basic question

You will inevitably get asked “why are you a good fit for our firm/organization?” Come prepared with a good answer that will separate you from the rest (this involves thinking ahead). Avoid an answer that references your resume—this is your chance to impress/surprise people with something they did not know before you walked in.

Having to think about the answer in front of interviewers is never good—it makes it look like you either did not prepare or you do not really want to work there (regardless of that is true). With that in mind, have your answer in your back pocket and make it good.

Ask your interviewers questions

As noted in this previous post, always have some questions for your interviewers. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Asking questions shows that you did your research and you are actually interested in the firm. Showing interest is never a bad thing.


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