acrobat-readerAdobe Acrobat 9 Standard has the ability to do Bates-style numbering, like you often see on document production in discovery. I used it today to number the appendix for a brief to the Minnesota Supreme Court, and it really made things easy on me.

It is not obvious, but this walkthrough should help you get it right the first time.

First, open up the document you want to number. If you are going to produce a lot of different documents, it would be easier to put them together into one, big PDF.

Go to Document > Header & Footer > Add…


The Add Header and Footer dialog will come up. I usually put numbering in the lower right, so I use the Right Footer Text box. If you want to do Bates-style numbering, use this format: <<000001>>. You can start at whatever number you want, though, and add a prefix (such as App. <<1>> for an appellate appendix).


Note that, although the preview shows the brackets, they will not show up in the document. Hit OK, and the numbers will show up on every page.

This can save you a lot of time and paper when you are putting together documents for discovery. (Although it took me about a ream of paper before I found this feature and figured out how to use it.)

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