Use Basecamp as a Simple, Secure Client Portal

Basecamp, from 37signals.

One of the things I liked best about Clio was its secure client portal, ClientConnect. After all, e-mail is not very secure, and may not be well protected from discovery. However, a secure client portal—like Basecamp—is a safer place to exchange documents and communicate privately with clients.

This is useful for every attorney-client relationship, especially where there is a danger of prying eyes—like a divorcing spouse or an angry employer.

Basecamp is project management software designed to enable collaboration between developers and customers, but it also works great for law firms and clients. It is a simple solution that works exceptionally well as a secure client portal, but it is not the only solution.

If you are running a virtual office, you may want a robust, complete client portal like VLOTech. If you want full practice management software, Clio’s ClientConnect integrates the client portal nicely with its practice management suite. However, if you already like what you have, and just want to add a secure client portal, give Basecamp a try. We use Google Apps for our practice management software, and we are already using Basecamp for project management, so it was natural to use it as a client portal, too.

I use Basecamp to send my Quickbooks file to my bookkeeper, to send documents to business clients, to keep an online copy of corporate minutes, and more. Clients can easily send files to me through Basecamp, and we also use Basecamp writeboards to create meeting agendas. Since the files don’t go through e-mail, but instead travel through an encrypted connection, there is less of a security risk.

While a secure client portal may not be strictly necessary, it gives great peace of mind, and a professional-looking portal like Basecamp makes a good impression on your clients, too.

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