bailiffwithipodA new proposal suggests requiring bailiffs to carry iPods or iPhones to make them more productive.

The proposal targets bailiffs because they are one of the few court positions that has not been impacted by new technology. Carrying the device could help in a number of ways, such as: allowing clerks to communicate to bailiffs without disturbing the courtroom, manage the queue of cases (prep defendants who are up next during an arraignment calendar), and controlling secure doorways, among other things.

If you have ever been to an arraignment court, the suggestion makes a lot of sense. Instead of having to constantly walk up to the clerk’s desk, bailiffs could communicate with an iPod. Although more modern courtrooms use video displays to list the cases in queue, bailiffs and deputies would no doubt appreciate having the data in the palm of their hand.

Arm Courtroom Bailiffs With … iPods? | Legal Blog Watch

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