After just over two weeks using only Ubuntu Linux for all my day-to-day computing needs, I am back to Windows. I don’t know what happened for sure, only that ATI does a terrible job of writing Linux drivers for their graphics cards. As I mentioned before, there is only one thing that does not work properly in Linux: dual monitors, which I use when I am at work.

So, for the time being, I am stuck using Windows again when I am at the office, and Ubuntu Linux everywhere else. It’s too bad. Now, when I use Windows, I really resent it for the long start-up and shut-down times, the bogged-down performance, and the behavioral quirks.

The upside is that the next version of Ubuntu will be out within the month, and promises improved built-in monitor management. Whether this will make up for ATI’s shortcomings remains to be seen. In the meantime, I will try not to buy a new laptop just so I can have a graphics card that works properly.

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  1. Peter Berge says:

    Sam, sorry to hear it hasn’t yet worked out. – PB

  2. Sam Glover says:

    Oh, it will in the end! Besides, it works wonderfully for everything but using my second monitor.

    I forgot to mention that the second monitor did work for a while, but ATI’s driver was buggy even when it did work, and it just up and quit working yesterday. Too bad.

  3. Zale says:

    You might try ditching the ATI card and install an NVIDIA card and then try it with 8.04.

  4. Sam Glover says:

    I use a laptop, unfortunately, so I am stuck with the ATI card.

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