This year marks Avvo’s 10th anniversary. In that time, it has grown from a lawyer profile directory to an enormous lawyer ratings, legal Q&A, and online marketing platform. It is also host to one of the leading business-of-law conferences, Avvo’s annual Lawyernomics event in Las Vegas, which I’m excited to attend for the first time.

Avvo is an important and valuable part of the legal tech community. Its CEO, Mark Britton, was just a keynote speaker at ABA TECHSHOW 2017, and its Director of Industry Relations, Dan Lear, just participated in our second TBD Law conference, and they are well regarded as thought leaders in the solo and small firm universe.

But over the past ten years, some lawyers have really hated Avvo.

Above, you can see Dan Lear holding the full stack of angry letters Avvo has received from lawyers over the years. (That doesn’t include all the angry emails.) It seems worth noting that despite all of these threatening letters from lawyers, only eight of them have ever actually sued Avvo, and none of those cases ever made it past pleading or resulted in Avvo paying a cash settlement or deleting a profile.

Below are 10 of the most amazing and outrageous (and redacted) letters lawyers have sent to Avvo over the years to threaten and complain about the ridiculous things they hate about Avvo. Thanks to Avvo General Counsel Josh King for sharing them with us.


10. F*ck Your Warm Regards (2008)

This angry lawyer likes to yell in all caps to make his point. He also hates politeness.

Angry Avvo Letter 1

9. Two Exclamation Points is Too Many (2012)

This lawyer has some very nuanced thoughts about red exclamation points and fire alarms.

He also thinks it’s very alarming (pun intended) to address people by their first name.

Angry Avvo Letter 2

8. The One with All the Latin (2013)

This excerpt from a much longer letter shows a lawyer doing some deep legal analysis for Avvo’s education. Josh indicated that a simple brief request would have been sufficient here.

Angry Avvo Letter 3

7. This is BOGUS (2013)

This lawyer’s 6.5 Avvo rating demonstrates, obviously, that Avvo’s entire ratings system is BOGUS.

Angry Avvo Letter 4

6. What the Font? (2013)

Please, please, please tell me this isn’t how this lawyer actually formats documents and correspondence.

Angry Avvo Letter 5

Angry Avvo Letter 6

Angry Avvo Letter 7

5. Josh King is a Perve [sic] (2013)

To make his point that the internet can unfairly categorize people, this lawyer did his own opposition research for fake internet content about Avvo’s Josh King. The lawyer then spelled perv wrong, which for some reason makes this even more amazing.

Angry Avvo Letter 8

Josh King is a perv

4. One MILLION Dollars! (2014)

This lawyer demanded a LOT of money from Avvo. Like right now. Avvo decided not to pay it.

Angry Avvo Letter 9


3. Avvo Doesn’t Want You to Die (2015)

This lawyer really didn’t want to be listed in Avvo, so, rather than dying, she withdrew from the profession.

Angry Avvo Letter 11

2. This is Just, Like, Your Baseless Net Opinion, Man (2015)

The Department of Justice will definitely want to hear about Avvo’s EXTORTION.

Angry Avvo Letter 12

1. Attorneys Are Evil, Vile, and Pus-Filled

In fairness, this is just a random internet person, not a lawyer, but it’s definitely an angry letter to Avvo.

Angry Avvo Letter 13

Angry Avvo Letter 14

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