Many lawyers (and other professionals) have apparently married their smartphones, to the point where they are incessantly emailing from their phones — even while driving. If you find yourself in that situation and want to avoid future collisions, you probably need to work on your self-control. If you still feel the need to constantly be in touch, consider

Consider not checking your phone while driving

If I am stuck at a light, I admit, sometimes I check my work email. Mostly, I avoid checking because even if I have time to read a message, there is no way I will have time to write a response. As a result, I become annoyed and only think about emailing a response until I get to my destination. That is just plan silly.

Sure, I could get a transcription application, but it makes much more sense to wait until you are not moving to read the email, and write a reasoned response. If, however, you feel the overwhelming urge to always be available, there are some options.

Have your messages read to you while driving can automatically read incoming emails and text messages. While I would still think this is rather distracting, it is certainly better than fumbling around with something in your hand.

Apparently the app can also be setup to automatically respond to emails and texts with predetermined messages. Personally, I would never turn that on, because I am not sure how useful it is to send out blanket emails like “I received your message and will get back to you soon.”

For people who simply cannot make it home without emailing from their smartphones, this is probably safer than actually operating your phone. For people who can learn self-control, I think the better solution is waiting until you get somewhere before checking your email.

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