Authorship vs Video Snippets for CTR in Legal Search

Which earn better click-through for an informational legal search, authorship or video snippets?

That was the question that Matt Green and John Van Bockern (Ethical SEO Consulting) set out to explore on behalf of The Reeves Law Group in their recent survey.

If you’re unfamiliar with rich snippets you might want to start here.

A previous study seemed to indicate that authorship in organic search results might be more effective in terms of attracting clicks than video snippets. At least for the search “car accident lawyer.”

I was curious whether the results would hold true for a more informational search. Here’s what they did and what they found.

If you don’t have time to review the methodology and results, here’s what they concluded.

After taking a look at the numbers, it is apparent that authorship snippets are much more effective at increasing CTR than video snippets in both a transactional queries and informational queries as well. It can even be asserted that video snippets actually deter CTR. Enough of our conclusions, though, the numbers speak for themselves.

First, the surveyors selected the test keyword phrase: car insurance claim denied. Second, they prompted survey participants with the question:

Your insurance provider has denied your auto insurance claim. You want to find more information so you perform a Google search for “car insurance claim denied”. Which result do you click first?

Next, they showed survey participants a series search results images and tracked clicks:

Authorship vs video snippets on ctr for information legal search from Gyi Tsakalakis

I have little doubt that the statisticians will find some flaws with this study. And I wouldn’t base decisions about authorship and video snippets solely upon this study. Further, I wouldn’t base these decisions solely on click-through-rate either.

In fact, I would critique the survey in that titles and meta descriptions vary. Also, I would have liked to see data where the authorship and video snippet results appeared in the first two positions.

Nonetheless, the study provides some interesting insights on these users’ behaviors related to organic search listings, authorship and video snippets.

Here are a couple more takeaways:

  • Position Matters for Click-Through – For all sample results, 46 – 54.5% of users clicked on the first result. The large drop-off for lower listings is somewhat consistent with other click-through studies.
  • Power of Authorship – It seems pretty clear that authorship is very influential in attracting user clicks. Properly implementing authorship and choosing an author photo may significantly impact your ability to attract clicks.

As a follow-up to this study, I’d be interested in seeing the role that review snippets play in influencing click-through for legal searches. My guess is that review snippets influence click-through even more than authorship. I suspect that this would be especially true for local search results. This seems to be supported by this study on what people want to see when they search for a lawyer.

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