Will Geer

Will Geer

Will Geer is a solo practitioner who focuses on helping individuals and small businesses file bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia. Will enjoys lifting weights (when his tendonitis isn't flaring up) and spending time with his two daughters and wife.

Lessons Learned as a New Solo (Part 1 of 2)

A newly minted solo attorney shares his lessons learned in starting your own practice.

Legal Writing Tips for Summer Associates and Lawyers

Many summer associates worry that their skills will not hold up to BigLaw standards. Don’t worry too much. If you got the job, your writing ability is probably not in question, but in this economy, every possible advantage is worth taking. Fortunately, Ross Guberman, of Legal Writing Pro, goes over what it takes to make […]

Best 3G Network for the Mobile Attorney?

Verizon Wireless has the most-reliable 3G network, according to PC World.

Dress for Success on the Cheap

How to buy a professional attorney wardrobe without spending lots of money. Dress with style at a discount.

CometDocs: an excellent free online file converter

PDF is the document format of choice for a number of reasons, but not everyone with whom you decide to share a PDF will be able to modify it (which is kind of the point). For those who need to, CometDocs is a free, online file converter with the ability to convert between over 50 […]

7 deadly sins of networking

Whether you are a year into setting up your own shop or a grizzled partner at a multinational law firm, building solid relationships is a vital component in furthering your career. Many lawyers view networking as putting on a fake smile, making the rounds at a local bar function, and engaging in forgettable conversations that […]

Box.net is professional collaboration at its best

Box.net is an on-line, cloud-based, “one-stop” professional collaboration service. Similar to Lawyerist-favorite Dropbox, Box.net enables users to collaborate on projects from across the globe and access files from anywhere in the world. While Dropbox is an excellent online backup and sharing medium, Box.net offers a service that specifically caters to professionals who collaborate online.

Dropbox for law students

Dropbox is a cross-platform sync, backup, and file sharing tool that I find absolutely essential to my life as a law student. Sam Glover recently wrote a short post on how he uses Dropbox as a practicing attorney. I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of Dropbox as a law student.