Tyler White

Tyler White

Tyler works as an attorney in the public sector. He is a JAG in the Air National Guard and has a fantastic slice from the tee box. Follow him on twitter: @tylerewhite

Should You Join the JAG Corps?

Recently, a lot of lawyers and law students have been applying to the JAG Corps. This post looks at whether the JAG Corps might be right for you.

Emergency Fun(d): Ditch the Savings Account and Invest Efficiently

Whether you change up how you manage your emergency fund, or you slide all of your emergency reserves over to a Robo Advisor, there is plenty of middle ground between an all-cash emergency fund and a pure stock investment account.

Tyler White

HSAs: A Great Investment Tool for the Healthy Saver

There are not many tax-advantaged savings vehicles out there that can match the benefits of an HSA. But you must decide if you can handle the drawbacks before committing.

Tyler White

You Have a Meeting and Your Car Won’t Start. Now What?

There is no other feeling quite like the anxiety that arises when a turn of the ignition results in the silence. Here is what you need to do to make sure you get to your appointment on time.

How To Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Here are some tips and strategies for reducing the cost of your monthly cell phone bill. Keep great smartphone service while saving some money.

Tyler White

Workouts You Can Do in Your Office

We know you want to get more exercise, and we also know you're short on time (or so you tell your friends). No more excuses: here are exercises you can do right in your office.

Tyler White

The Good, The Bad, the “Listserv”

A look at the reasons why you should join a listserv. Also, why you might hate it.

Tyler White

Leaving Work at Work

What can the lunch-pailers teach lawyers about achieving work-life balance?

Tyler White

Drop the Distractions and Get to Work

Ditch the distractions and set an appointment to get to work.

Tyler White

Ask the Stupid Questions, Get Smarter

Asking the dumb questions makes you a better lawyer. It's science.

Tyler White

Should Law Schools Require Applicant Interviews?

There are several reasons why law schools should require their applicants to do an interview. So why don't they?

How Much is Technology Really Changing Law Practice?

With all of the new gadgets out there for practitioners, how much has the practice of law actually changing?

Choosing the Right Law School

You decided to go to law school. Awesome. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision of where you should go.

Tyler White

Networking Quality Versus Quantity

Why you should strive for building actual relationships in your networking.