Todd Hendrickson

Todd Hendrickson

Todd N. Hendrickson is a trial lawyer with nearly 25 years of experience handling complex medical malpractice and personal injury matters. Todd enjoys integrating technology into his practice to enhance his work as a trial lawyer and to manage his practice. When he isn't practicing law, Todd enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage children. You can reach Todd and and

TranscriptPad Updates to Version 2.0

If you are handling depositions, you should get TranscriptPad. (And by the way, if you are trying cases without TrialPad, it just may be malpractice.)

Todd Hendrickson

Paperless Tip: Never Ever Send Word Files as Correspondence

Word files should never be sent as correspondence. It allows unscrupulous people to alter your letters and present them as evidence. Only send PDFs.

TrialPad 4.0: Trial Presentation Made Easy

TrialPad is an outstanding addition to anyone’s trial arsenal. It simply and elegantly duplicates the most-used trial presentation features at far less cost than the competition.

My Client Will Die

A trial attorney struggles to prepare to mediate a medical malpractice case knowing that, no matter what he does, he won't change the outcome: his client will die.

Epson Workforce GT-S50, A Viable Alternative to the ScanSnap

The Epson Workforce GT-S50 is a viable alternative to the ScanSnap desktop scanner.

iPad Apps Can Replace Custom Anatomy Exhibits

iPad and Mac apps from 3D4 Medical can economically replace expensive stock anatomy exhibits.

Todd Hendrickson

iPad v. iPad Mini

Which is better in your law practice, an iPad or iPad Mini? Todd Hendrickson runs down the pros and cons.

Strategies for Vacationing as a Solo Attorney

Simple strategies for getting in vacation time as a solo attorney. The key is in establishing a paperless workflow and letting it work while you are away.

Todd Hendrickson

Electronic Medical Records: A Primer

Electronic Medical Records are here to stay, but what do you need to know about them? A short primer on problems and issues presented by EMRs.

Todd Hendrickson

Trial Guides for iPad: Review

Trial Guides is an iPad eReader app dedicated to books for trial lawyers. Titles include Damages 3, Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case and others. It is a simple eReader with few frills.

DSM 5 Being an Attorney is Now Officially a Psychological Disorder

While being an attorney is not really a new psych disorder, the DSM 5 represents a significant change in the type and manner of psychological and psychiatric diagnoses.

In a Paperless Office, A Bigger Monitor is Better

Be more efficient in your paperless office. Switch to a jumbo monitor (27" plus) for more efficient creation and review of documents.

Top 5 iOS Apps I Can’t Live Without

What are your top 5 iOS apps you can't live without? Todd Hendrickson lists his, along with an homage to High Fidelity.

Todd Hendrickson

Being Paperless is an Advantage When Disaster Strikes

A paperless and digital practice can help you stay in practice in the event of natural disasters, medical and family emergencies.

Todd Hendrickson

Voir Dire is Important, but Hard to do Well

Voir dire is not about persuading jurors; it is about uncovering juror bias so you can strike as many potential jurors for cause as possible.