Tim Baran

Tim Baran

Tim Baran is the founder of BaranCLE, a continuing legal education resource hub. He's also the community manager at Rocket Matter. He can be found on Twitter @tim_baran.
Tim Baran

WordPress Plugins to Extend the Functionality of Your Website or Blog

Use WordPress plugins to clean up and back up your website.

How Wacky Are Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Rules?

Continuing Legal Education rules and regulations can be burdensome, onerous and downright wacky.

Blogging is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Blogging tips for a consistent and efficient experience over the long haul.

Twitter Analytics for Lawyers

Get insight into your Twitter engagement, use, and growth with free analytics tools.

Ditch PowerPoint For Google Presentations

With new and enhanced features, the free Google presentations effectively replaces Microsoft's PowerPoint

12 WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Blog

Awesome plugins to help you customize and extend the functionality of your WordPress blog.

How to Find Free Images For Blog Posts

A picture is worth a thousand words. There's an emotional reaction to images in blog posts. But the cost can add up. Here are a few free resources.

Turn Law Firm Newsletters Into Blog Posts

A law firm newsletter on existing practice areas can be quickly converted into a blog for quick content with wide reach.

Tim Baran

Can Lawyers Earn Continuing Legal Education Credit by Blogging?

Lawyers can generally earn Continuing Legal Education credits for published articles. It's time to consider substantive blog posts for accreditation.

Marketing Strategies: Facebook Interactions vs Blog Comments

Continue to blog for content marketing, show of expertise and visibility, but add the engagement of a Facebook Page for credibility and community

Tim Baran

Continuing Legal Education That Makes Sense

A CLE system where lawyers create their own learning plan with no minimum requirements.

Tim Baran

CLE Accreditation Denied: Top 10 Reasons Why

Top 10 reason why your continuing legal education program may be denied CLE accreditation

Tim Baran

Anatomy of a Twitter Conversation

Twitter is great for breaking news and following personalities, but to get the full experience you need to engage. Join the conversation.

Tim Baran

Should Lawyers Quit Blogging for Facebook Only?

Develop a Facebook Page, engage, create community, but only as an outlet to your primary source. Own your content. Keep blogging.

Tim Baran

7 Ways to Market Your CLE Presentation

Use old and new media from telemarketing to social networks to market your CLE event