Susan Gainen

Susan Gainen

Susan Gainen is multiple entrepreneur, consulting to law schools and lawyers managing inter-generational transitions at work. Her current lecture series includes "Alternative Careers," "2nd Career Law Students," "Professionalism Has Attached," "Job Search Skills = Business Development Skills," and "Job Search Outside of OCI: The Forever Skill." She is an artist painting abstract watercolors; painting whimsical watercolor creatures; and blogs about food and cooking .

Screening Interviews: 8 Ways to Waste Them

You can waste your screening interview or start and end with a good handshake, ask good questions, and answer questions smartly.

Solo by Choice: A Book For a New Life

Carolyn Elefant's Solo By Choice offers legal solo practitioners insight, inspiration & step-by-step instructions for their new enterprises.

Law School Employment Data: One Student at a Time

Leanly staffed career offices must source & record employment stats one grad at a time.

Networking, Meatballs, and Resumes in Google Docs

A resume in Google Docs can be shared quickly, easily, and efficiently, allowing candidates to make almost instant connections after networking events.

Practice Interviews & Elevator Speeches: Part of a Job-Seeker’s Toolkit

Any contact can lead to jobs or business. Superb interview skills and a pitch-perfect elevator speech are critical for job-seekers and rainmakers.

How to Behave on Your First Day of Work

Even if your employer has an orientation program, you will also need to orient yourself. Ask questions. Assume nothing. Use this 5-point list to get started.

Susan Gainen

4 Rules to Manage First Year of Law School

Manage first year by meeting classmates, embracing the challenges of legal research and writing, and engaging in some career development.

Law Firm Financial Stress—and Your Exit Strategies

6 signs of law firm financial stress should alert law clerks, associates and non-equity partners to begin to build their businesses and look for work.

Hire the Right Law Clerk: 4 Steps

hire the right law clerk with a 21st century web presence, meaningful specific job descriptions, career services assist, and reading resumes beyond the GPA.

Susan Gainen

1L Job Search: Manage the Marathon, not the Sprint

A law student job search is a marathon. Creating hundreds of resumes in November of 1st year can be a distracting, time-wasting sprint.

Susan Gainen

How to Get Good Recommendations (and Overcome Bad Ones)

How to increase your chances of getting a great reference, and how to overcome an awful one.

Susan Gainen

Questions to Expect from Your New Law Clerk

A new law clerk will have lots of questions for you on his first day. Have your answers ready.

Susan Gainen

Hiring a Law Clerk? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Before hiring a law clerk, consider the additional time and expense involved in supervising a new employee.

Susan Gainen

Assess Your Work and Personal Life in 3 Simple Steps

Evaluate your goals and priorities regularly for more balance in your work and personal life.