Steve Marchese

Steve Marchese

Steve Marchese, a legal career and professional development consultant and coach, is the founder of Authentic Strategies, LLC.

Taking the Long View in Your Job Search and Career

The big question: should he take the position (and paycheck), despite his ambivalence, or hold out for an opportunity closer to his interests that might, at some unknown point, pan out?

Interview with a Law Firm—and Ace It

A law firm interview requires a strong interviewing strategy.

Keeping Pro Bono in the Mix Can Pay Career Dividends

Altruism is good, but pro bono practice can benefit newer, unemployed and underemployed lawyers in important ways. Here are some (self-interested) reasons.

Time for a Year-End Career Review

As 2009 comes to a close, it is a good time to review your career progress over the past twelve months. Although this might be part of an annual review process with your employer, it is also a helpful exercise for anyone, regardless of age or work environment.

Show Me the Money: Demonstrating Value as a New Lawyer

In the new legal economy, young associates will need to focus on providing value, not just having good credentials

The Etiquette of Following Up

How do you follow-up on a job interview without stalking?

Work-Life Balance in the New Economic Era

A small law firm in Des Moines, IA, allows staff to bring their babies to work, a creative solution to the work-life balance problem. However, with the economy in a deep recession and the legal profession reeling from layoffs and structural changes to the law firm business model, is it realistic for lawyers to expect […]

The Art of the Cover Letter

Despite all of the technical changes to the legal job searching process, a well-written cover letter remains an essential component of any job application. Granted, you may be able to submit numerous resumes electronically via websites or e-mail, but if you neglect to include a cover letter, you will miss out on your best chance […]

Fall Recruiting: What Law Students Need to Consider

The news about cutbacks in on-campus recruiting continues to roll in. (Witness Harvard Law School’s latest advice for its students.) By all accounts, this is going to be a rough season for both 2L and 3L hiring. However, there is still plenty of time left to develop a game plan. The days of large-scale, on-campus […]

Summer associate programs facing extinction?

The past months have been an endless parade of bad news for associates in big law firms between layoffs and deferred start dates for new hires. One recent ABA article discussed the impending collision between associates deferred from this fall and those scheduled to start in 2010. This traffic jam, combined with the continuing financial […]

Job search self-awareness: lawyer, know thyself!

The current economic dislocation has provoked a lot of lawyers to scurry for new career opportunities—sometimes under duress. In the midst of the commotion, many folks slip into reactive mode, chasing every posting on website job boards and drafting application materials without a clear sense of how they fit. This strategy is often a recipe […]

Being smart about social media and recruiting

Social media can be helpful in the recruiting process. Like any other tool for job searching (resumes, cover letters, etc.), social media is another weapon in your arsenal to effectively market yourself. However, you need to remember that it is a tool, not the be-all and end-all. In other words, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are […]

Changes hitting the legal industry — what they mean for the average lawyer

A recent editorial in the New York Times suggests that the current economic crisis will force big changes in the structure of the legal profession and legal careers in general. Gone are the days of high billing rates, stratospheric big firm salaries and huge billable requirements. Maybe. There is no doubt that the economy is […]

Steve Marchese, Lawyerist Contributor

I am excited to join Lawyerist as a new blogger with the goal of providing career and professional development insight to these pages. I’ve been a lawyer for over 15 years in a number of different capacities: first as a law clerk to judges in two different federal and state courts; a practicing litigator in […]