Staci Zaretsky

Staci Zaretsky

Staci Zaretsky is a 2010 graduate of Western New England University School of Law, where her writing was published in the school's law review. She has worked as an editor for Above the Law since June 2011, and her writing has been featured on other legal blogs, including Lawyerist and Ms. JD. In her spare time, Staci enjoys watching reality television, shopping for clothes she doesn't need with money she doesn't have, and singing along to Lady Gaga's latest hits. Follow her on Twitter @stacizaretsky.

Legal Resume v. Professional Bio: Is the Resume Dead?

LexisNexis has suggested that the resume is dead, and that instead, law students should create professional bios. Is this sound advice?

Going Greek: Using Fraternity or Sorority Networks in Your Job Search

Being an alumnus of a fraternity or sorority is rewarding in terms of networking and career prospects. Try using your Greek life connections in your job search.

Lawyers, Is It Time to Toss Your Business Cards?

Business cards can not only provide valuable contact information to both clients and colleagues, but they can also serve to reflect a lawyer’s personality.

Women Lawyers and Gender Bias: The Mommy Track Can Kill Your Salary

Being a lawyer is “a good gig for women who want to earn big bucks," but there is still a gender wage gap in the legal profession. What can women lawyers do to level the playing field?

Women Lawyers and Litigators Are Disappearing in New York

New York's women lawyers and litigators have disappeared in commercial and litigation cases. The disparity is being blamed on poor networking skills.

Ethics vs. Professionalism: Is Groupon Feasible for Lawyers?

Can lawyers advertise legal services on Groupon? There seem to be many ethical and professional pitfalls involved for lawyers who are considering it.

Happy Lawyers? Finding Happiness in Trying Times

Finding happiness can be difficult for lawyers. We frequently hear about negativity in the legal profession. We, as lawyers, can choose to be happy.

Staci Zaretsky

Women Lawyers: Silence Isn’t Always Golden

Women seem to have been opting out of speaking out in the study and practice of law. Silence isn't always golden, and women lawyers need to speak up.

Staci Zaretsky

Attorneys: Return Your Client Phone Calls!

The number one complaint about attorneys is that they don’t return their client phone calls. Attorneys should return their phone calls to keep themselves out of trouble.