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7 Ways Cloud Accounting Propels Lawyers to Success (Sponsored)

Brought to you by GLG Accounting, the premier CPA firm for lawyers. Surely you like to win, because we sure love that feeling when we’ve just accomplished something really awesome. With tax time here, the stress of having to get the books together and file taxes looms (especially for those who don’t have a solid […]


MM.LaFleur: The Best Workwear Company You’ve Never Heard Of [Sponsored]

As professional women, we’ve all been there: You’re standing in front of your closet at 7am, frantically trying to devise an outfit that will take you from your first meeting, to a client lunch, to a presentation, and then to post-work drinks with friends. Your closet is full but you still feel you have “nothing […]

GLG Accounting Presents a Premier Accounting Solution Just in Time for Tax Season [Sponsored]

Accounting is a critical part for any business, and for many lawyers it’s something that they’d rather not have to deal with. Making sure that you stay in compliance with regulatory authorities, ensuring that the ObamaCare program helps you more than it hurts you, keeping the books updated periodically, and strategic tax planning are just […]


Seven Ways Your Law Firm Can Learn from a Tech Startup [Sponsored]

A sponsored message from Clio CEO Jack Newton.

Common Misconceptions about the Legal Funding Industry [Sponsored]

Legal funding is still a relatively new industry. While many people have heard about it, not many people know exactly what it is, or how it works. To give people a better idea of what legal finance is, we’re going to turn a few myths about the industry on their heads. Legal finance is a […]

Attorney Fee Acceleration: A Solution to Law Firm Cash Flow Issues [Sponsored Post]

Plaintiffs’ contingency fee litigation is costly and risky. Occasionally, fee delays and litigation costs can build up, leaving the firm in a bit of a slump. Working with traditional lenders can be troublesome. These cash flow issues can seem overwhelming, but fortunately, specialty litigation finance companies offer a solution in Attorney Fee Acceleration. Fee acceleration […]


Estate Attorneys Are Blowing It in Best Practices [Sponsored Post]

You may be one of the best legal wordsmiths around, with unimpeachable wills and trusts and eloquence to put Shakespeare to shame, but are you doing your job? Times they are a changin’, and great legal documents no longer equal a great estate plan. The existence of online assets requires estate attorneys to step into the modern age to keep up with best practices.


Why LegalZoom Is Better than You [Sponsored Post]

I’m going to come right out and say it. Online legal services offer a better service proposition than some estate attorneys. In fact, they currently present the biggest threat to estate attorneys in the history of our industry. I sense you vigorously shaking your head. Nonsense, you mutter. After all, estate attorneys do more than […]

3 Tips to Help Law Firms Generate More Phone Leads through Technology [Sponsored Post]

3 ways our legal customers use technology with their phones to generate more business for their firms. Each tip also includes a link to a white paper.

Why Spending 30 Minutes of Your Day on Social Media May Be More Beneficial Than You Think [Sponsored Post]

Numerous articles have addressed social media. They all seem to convey the same idea – we live in a world where social media engagement is an absolute necessity. Recently, a UK based friend who had been working with axiclaim.co.uk, decided to start his own law firm. He asked me what I thought about LinkedIn, Avvo […]

Acting Pro Bono at an Airport: The Journey of a Young Attorney in a Foreign Country [Sponsored Post]

An airport is probably one of the most boring places to be at. But as attorneys, we are often forced to travel and airports are rather comfortable. As a young attorney, the journey can prove to be incredibly anxious and confusing. Lets face it; young attorneys are “ready for the kill”. Or in legal parlance, […]

Quick Trip to Las Vegas for the Lawyernomics Conference [Sponsored Post]

There’s still time to sign up for those who want to plan a quick trip to Sin City, and Lawyerist readers can get $100 off the original ticket price!

BK Packet™ Develops New Service to Save Bankruptcy Attorneys Time and Money [Sponsored Post]

Data collection and entry is a major component of the bankruptcy preparation process. Collecting this information traditionally involves having the client fill out lengthy questionnaires and worksheets, providing personal information and an extensive lists of assets, creditors and other financial affairs.  Once this information is collected, a staff member of the firm would then transcribe […]

LawZam Creates a Lawyer District to Shop Online for Legal Services [Sponsored Post]

Books from Amazon, shoes from Zappos, and now… lawyers from LawZam?  Apparently the hot new thing is shopping for legal services online, and LawZam provides free videoconferencing services that enable exactly that.  Lawyers can create digital storefronts so prospective clients can determine which lawyer they want to talk to, with no commitment or travel time.  […]

LawZam™ Introduces Free Legal Consultations by Video Conference [Sponsored Post]

LawZam provides a platform for people to find lawyers quickly and receive “face-to-face” online legal consultations--for free.