Sam Harden

Sam Harden

Sam founded LegalOptics, a legal analytics platform, as well as Court Date Search. You can view his Githib page, if you dare. He's also an extremely superstitious Alabama fan.
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Four Big Firm Habits You Need to Break

Working at a big firm can lead to habits that are bad for a small or solo practice. Here's how I am working to overcome four of them.


Electronic Wills, Access to Justice, and Corporate Interests

Florida is considering legalizing fully electronic wills, which could simplify and increase access to probate services.

You Need to Talk About Litigation Financing With Your Clients

Litigation financing is becoming increasingly common in a variety of solosmall practice areas. Here's why you need to talk to your clients about it.

Overcome Chronic Back Pain with Healthy Habits

Most lawyers fulfill all the conditions that eventually lead to chronic back pain. Avoid serious injuries by following these five steps.

How One Lawyer Uses Big Data to Find Whistleblower Clients

John Mininno, a lawyer in New Jersey, is running a legal tech startup to catch crooks. His company specifically targets crooks in the guise of healthcare companies that rip off Medicare using fraudulent billing practices. His company, National Healthcare Analysis Group, analyzes reams of Medicare data released by the government and finds the inconsistencies among […]


I’m really excited to announce a new service I just launched: Right now it’s just for Hillsborough County, Florida, but I am working on expanding it to other counties and states. I came up with the idea for MyCourtCase from practicing criminal defense. I saw so many people interact with the criminal justice system […]

Ransomware Hackers Hit Law Firm, Demand Bitcoin, Get Paid

In case you thought data security for your law firm was a fringe issue, a Florida law firm just paid hackers $2,500 in Bitcoin to ransom back their data. The hackers managed to hold all the law firm’s data hostage, and demanded the Bitcoin (Bitcoins?) in exchange for the key to get it all back. The […]

Nobody in Legal Tech Knows Anything About Practicing Law

Well, statistically nobody. According to a survey done by case management software company Smokeball, only 9% of legal tech employees have a legal education. When it comes to career background, only 18% of employees come from the legal industry in general. The survey doesn’t specify how many of the 9% of employees with a legal education had passed […]

Legal Jobs are Doomed. Give Up Now.

It should be no secret that advancing technology will impact the legal field. In fact, we have warned about the implications of robot lawyers on the legal job market again and again. Now another report gives bad predictions for the legal job market due to technological advances. According to a report by the important-sounding Wold […]

Social Media Can Level the Playing Field for the Little Guy

Everyone loves an underdog, at least on the Internet. Now corporate boardrooms are catching on. A new paper out in the MIT Sloan Management Review discusses how small companies and individuals can level the playing field in a legal dispute with a large company through what the author calls “lawsourcing”—using social media and online crowdsourcing to […]