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Sam Glover

Sam is the founder of, the best place for lawyers to learn how to start, manage, and grow a modern law practice, and home to the community of innovative lawyers building the future of law.
Sam Glover

How to Sound Great on a Podcast, Webinar, or Conference Call

If you'll be on a podcast, webinar, or conference call, you should care how you sound. Follow these podcasting tips to sound great.

Access-to-Justice Moonshot: Eliminate the Gap within 10 Years

CuroStudio is a partnership between CuroLegal, Lawyerist, Billie Tarascio, and the Mile 2 software development shop with the goal of closing the access-to-justice gap.

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Most Important Tasks

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Sam Glover

Lawyers Get Paid for Less than 30% of their Time, on Average

This year Clio also did a consumer survey to try to figure out how clients find lawyers, decide to hire a lawyer, and evaluate the attorneys they hire.

How to Keep Track of Your Time

There are plenty of ways to track your time, but there is only one important criteria for picking a tool: pick the one you actually use. Here are some options.

TBD Law and Diversity, TBD3 Update

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we believe in putting our data where our mouths are.

Sam Glover

How to Create a Networking Tickler System

You need a system to keep track of your growing network. Here are some tips on how to set up a network tickler system.

Sam Glover

7 Easy Upgrades to Make Your Office More Client-Friendly

Visiting a lawyer is often stressful for clients. Here are some easy ways to make your office more welcoming and client-friendly.

Lawyer Hourly Rate Calculator

Use this hourly rate calculator to find out what your time is worth.