Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder and Editor in Chief of Lawyerist. He writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal innovation, the legal technology industry, access to justice, and more. His most recent publication is Lawyerist’s 4-Step Security Upgrade, 2nd Ed.

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How Legal Software Companies Protect Your Clients’ Information in the Cloud

What about the companies to which we entrust our clients' information? Do they take confidentiality as seriously as lawyers and clients do?

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Secure Communication Portals Are Becoming Common

If your practice management software includes a secure communication portal, how reasonable an effort are you making if you stubbornly insist on using email?

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Weekend Project: Avert a Catastrophe by Restoring a File from Backup

Can you recover a document after you save over it?


4 Things to Do Before You Spend a Dollar on Online Marketing

Whatever you do, don't spend money getting new clients before you take steps to leverage your existing client relationships

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TBD Law 2016 Kicks Off Today in St. Louis

We will literally be reinventing the practice of law in a series of discussions, workshops, and hack sessions.

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Weekend Project: Your Office Exploded

It's a total loss. The only thing you will find is a mangled red stapler. How will you make it to your big trial/closing/negotiation on Monday?

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TBD Law and Diversity

We fell short of our diversity goals for TBD Law, but we learned some important things about planning for diversity in the process.

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Weekend Project: Create Your Ideal Client Personas

When you have a clear picture of your ideal client in mind, it becomes much easier to decide how to structure your firm, find new clients, and deliver legal services.


How Much Do Solos Really Make?

Well, if you are considering starting your own firm—solo or not—I don't think you should get hung up on these numbers.


Box Adds Litigation Holds for Files Stored in the Cloud

This is a smart move from Box, because smart, tech-savvy business lawyers are likely to start recommending Box to their clients.

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Going Paperless: Everything You Need to Get Started

Once you have the right equipment and a basic plan, start scanning! Soon you will have a more efficient, more portable, more paperless office.


Microsoft Bookings Adds Appointment Scheduling to Office 365

Bookings is a new Office 365 app from Microsoft for scheduling appointments.

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The Deadline to Register to Attend TBD Law is Friday, July 22nd

If you are serious about preparing your practice for the next ten years, you should be at TBD Law on August 14th!


Casetext’s CARA Takes the Search out of Legal Research

Legal research is clunky. CARA is a shortcut. Just drag and drop a brief and CARA will give you a list of cases on point.

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Beating up on Legal Tech in Front of a Home Crowd at CodeX 2016

"Imagine it is the year 2020. Plaintiff, a dissatisfied attorney, has brought suit against the entire legal tech industry, alleging that the claims and promises it made in 2016 amount to fraud and false advertising."