Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder and Editor in Chief of Lawyerist. He writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal innovation, the legal technology industry, access to justice, and more. His most recent publication is Lawyerist’s 4-Step Security Upgrade, 2nd Ed.


Microsoft Bookings Adds Appointment Scheduling to Office 365

Bookings is a new Office 365 app from Microsoft for scheduling appointments.

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The Deadline to Register to Attend TBD Law is Friday, July 22nd

If you are serious about preparing your practice for the next ten years, you should be at TBD Law on August 14th!


Casetext’s CARA Takes the Search out of Legal Research

Legal research is clunky. CARA is a shortcut. Just drag and drop a brief and CARA will give you a list of cases on point.

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Beating up on Legal Tech in Front of a Home Crowd at CodeX 2016

"Imagine it is the year 2020. Plaintiff, a dissatisfied attorney, has brought suit against the entire legal tech industry, alleging that the claims and promises it made in 2016 amount to fraud and false advertising."


Read & Listen to the 2016 Fastcase 50

Here are all the Lawyerist contributors and podcast guests who have appeared in the Fastcase 50 since 2011, with links to their articles and podcast episodes.

Cheap, Piggy Bank, Recession.

Access to Justice is a Lot More Complicated than Making Lawyers Affordable

If we can make it less expensive to hire a lawyer, more people should be able to afford the legal help they need. That will narrow the gap, right? Maybe not.

a slow snail that reaches the finish line

Some Legal Tech Is Too Slow for Lawyers

Legal software doesn't have to be ugly, clunky, and slow—but lots of it is.


Sam Talks Legal Marketing, Tech, and More on IusLaw WebRadio

A fun and wide-ranging discussion about marketing, technology, opportunities for innovative lawyers, lawyer-rating services, the blockchain, and more.


Fujitsu ScanSnap FAQ

Since the hundreds questions and answers in the comments on our ScanSnap reviews are getting unwieldy, here are some of the most common questions, with answers.

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Get What You Need from Technology, Not What You Want

Drill down to the problem you need to solve instead of shopping for the features you think you want but probably don't.

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Get a Successful Practice by Improving 1% at a Time

If you improve one thing at a time, one percent at a time, you will end up with a much more satisfying—and probably successful—law practice.

Adobe Cloud Signature Consortium

Adobe & the Cloud Signature Consortium Could Make E-Signatures as Common as PDFs

Adobe and the Cloud Signature Consortium hope to make e-signatures as common as PDFs.


NetDocuments Paves the Way for Office Integration on Mobile and in the Cloud

This should make it a lot more convenient to use a document management system, and it should help alleviate firms’ fear of losing control of information. Well, firms that use NetDocuments, at least.

Graduate students holding a big stack of books and laptop with dissertation draft

A Big Picture of the Legal Tech Industry

The lack of coverage of legal tech companies (as opposed to legal tech products, which get plenty of coverage) is a problem both for legal tech companies and lawyers.


Mechanical Keyboards Are the New Fountain Pens

Mechanical keyboards look better and feel better than that horrible stock laptop that came with your desktop PC.