Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder and Editor in Chief of Lawyerist. He writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal innovation, the legal technology industry, access to justice, and more. To email Sam, please use the contact page.

Stop Making Excuses for Not Going Paperless

It's time to go paperless. Period.

Women in the Law Podcast: “The Leaky Pipeline #1”

This week’s episode, “The Leaky Pipeline #1,” examines the way the legal profession makes it harder for women to succeed than for men.

Women in the Law Podcast: “In the Media”

It's no secret that men and women are treated differently, and that includes entertainment, commentary, and news. This week, Women in the Law digs into the differences in treatment and the way portrayals of women lawyers have evolved over the years.

What Clients Want v. What Lawyers Sell

Clients don't want a contract, they want a relationship. They don't want to litigate, they want to right a wrong. They don't want a divorce, they want to move on with their lives.

Women in the Law Podcast: “Hey Sweetie”

Women in the Law is a new podcast mini-series from Law School Transparency that examines the professional and personal challenges women face in the legal profession.

Maybe Robots Will Hire More Lawyers Instead of Taking Our Jobs

What if the robots we create just wind up hiring us back to solve legal problems we haven't even been able to think of yet?

Legal Tech: Brought to You by the Color Blue

Blue says "hey, you can trust me" and "don't worry, I'll take good care of your clients' information."

First Look: Lawcus Legal Case Management Software

Lawcus prioritizes productivity. It helps you keep track of your intake process and open matters, but it still holds all the information related to each matter.

ABA Journal: TBD Law Is “About as Far from Traditional Legal Conferences … as You Can Get.”

If you would like to be a part of the next TBD Law, you can apply now!

ABA Blueprint is Just 13 Products the ABA Recommends

ABA Blueprint is billed as "All of the services and products you need to run your firm, all in one place."

Law Firm 500: an Optimistic Perspective on Small Law Firms

Law Firm 500 is an attempt to create something like the AmLaw 100 for small firms.

Weekend Project: Unbundling, a Thought Experiment

This weekend, consider the various services you perform for clients and identify at least one service you could do without signing a full-representation agreement.

Save the Date: TBD Law Returns February 26–28 at Filament in St. Louis

"These were the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo …" —Megan Zavieh

Signal is a Free, Secure, Easy-to-Use Client Communication Tool

Signal might be the most convenient tool yet for communicating securely with clients.

Weekend Project: Reboot Your Brain by Sleeping

This weekend, your only assignment is to get some sleep.