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These Lawyers’ Bio Photos Make You Look Like You’re Standing Still

The lawyers at Levitt & Grosman sure are animated. Literally. (h/t Sam Harden)


Why Password Security Matters

Good passwords and file encryption are basic computer security. If you aren't doing both, you need to get caught up.

How to Auto-Number Discovery Requests in Microsoft Word

How to use Word’s SEQ field and Autotext to autonumber discovery requests.


In Which 3Ls Totally Overestimate Their Practice Readiness

Throughout this white paper from BARBRI, found by Lisa Solomon, you find the Dunning-Kruger effect at work. For example: 82 percent of 3L law students believe they are effective legal writers. In contrast, only 57 percent of practicing attorneys who work at companies that hire recent law school graduates believe recent law school graduates are […]


In 13 States, You Can’t Be a Luddite Anymore

The comment to Rule 1.1 spreads awareness, if nothing else, that being incompetent when it comes to technology is no excuse when your clients are harmed.

Stop Using a Circular 230 Disclaimer in Your Email

While the email disclaimers lawyers use are pointless anyway, the IRS would like you to go ahead and stop using the especially pointless Circular 230 disclaimer: [T]he Circular 230 disclaimer that now appears at the bottom of many emails and on memos can and should be eliminated. (Source.) If you want to know more, read […]


Judge Judy’s Lessons for Lawyers

Next time you are working from home — or sidelined by the flu, spend a few hours watching some court TV shows.

Check Out Jeena Cho’s New Podcast, the Resilient Lawyer

If you are interested in mindfulness or meditation as a way to reduce the stress of your law practice, you are probably already reading Jeena Cho’s articles on Lawyerist, but you should also check out her new podcast, Resilient Lawyer. Here is the latest episode: Starting with the next episode, due out on Friday, Jeena […]


Lawyers’ Hobbies on Hsu Untied

I just learned of Richard Hsu’s podcast, Hsu Untied from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. Hsu Untied is a collection of short podcasts with lawyers, about their side hobbies. The guests’ hobbies so far include skydiving, mountain climbing, oil painting, magic, astronomy, opera singing, winemaking, boxing, chess, ballet, and more. (No winter campers, yet.) […]

making the right decision

How to Pick a Mediation Style

Mediation can resolve cases, but whether it does often depends on the mediator and the style of mediation he or she practices.


Dear Public: No, the Fajita Lawsuit is Nothing like the Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Here, you have an man who bent over a sizzling platter of meat, which was exactly as hot as you would expect, and which behaved exactly as you would expect a plate of sizzling meat to behave. And he got burned. Exactly as you would expect.


Get the Office 2016 for Mac Preview Right Now

I feel like we were originally told this would be Office 2015, but whatever. You can get a not-4-years-old-and-feels-15-years-old version of Office for Mac right here, right now!


Do NOT Let Your Client Write Your Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

"Shipley basically let his client write his brief, and the thing turned into an utter shitshow. Witness the nightmare hellscape that is the question presented in this case …"


Actually, Legal Jobs Aren’t Recovering

Look at that sad little hill in the red line. Firms started hiring, then apparently realized the work wasn't coming back and laid off everyone they hired back.

State Bars’ Antitrust Immunity May Not Last Much Longer

Avvo General Counsel Josh King on the Supreme Court’s decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission: The court made no bones about it, siding with the FTC: the regulatory bodies of self-regulated professions (like dentistry and the law) only get immunity from antitrust liability if they are “actively supervised” by […]