Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder of Lawyerist, and he writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal technology, law practice management, access to justice, and more. His most recent publication is Lawyerist’s "How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer."


Get Free Storage When You Check Your Google Security Settings

It’s Safer Internet Day (apparentlyt) and Google is once again offering 2GB of extra Google Drive storage as incentive to do its free security checkup. The checkup itself is stuff you should check regularly anyway, so the extra Google Drive storage is just a nice perk. Unfortunately, this is only for personal Google accounts, which […]


ABA Opens the Door to “Non-Traditional Legal Service Providers”

Yesterday, after a heated debate, the ABA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 105, a set of model regulatory objectives. Resolution 105 was controversial because of the last sentence of the proposal, which merely acknowledged that some states are already permitting non-lawyers to provide limited legal services, and others may wish to. The news yesterday that […]


Briefs: QuickBooks Goes Online, Fastcase Sues Casemaker, the Texas Law Hawk Eats Tacos, Etc.

Intuit Removes APIs from QuickBooks Desktop and Shifts Focus to QuickBooks Online In a press release announcing its new integration with QuickBooks Online, Rocket Matter dropped this bomb: As Intuit changes its strategic focus to the cloud, they are eliminating communication channels (APIs) to their desktop product that companies rely on for synchronization. In other words, […]


Legal Cloud Computing Association Releases Security Standards

How do you know whether your cloud software is sufficiently secure to meet your obligation to protect your clients’ information? Right now, there is no easy answer. You just have to educate yourself and then make up your own mind. That could change as a result of the draft security standards that the Legal Cloud […]


New Survival Guide: How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer

A brand-new Windows PC, fully updated and unsullied by crapware, is a wonderful thing. Sadly, very few people ever get to experience it, because so many PC manufacturers bundle loads of junk software with the computers they sell. Instead of the high-performance machine you thought you were getting, you get a computer bogged-down by stuff […]


PayPal Class Action Notice Intentionally Obscures the Link to Submit a Claim

The lesson: lawyers need to pay attention to form and style of notices, not just the words.


Some Legal Tech Companies are Focused on Accessibility, but Most Aren’t

This year, ABA TECHSHOW will shine a spotlight on accessibility by showcasing some of the products and services that make accessibility a priority.


Briefs: And/Or is Unfair, Bilzerian Gets SLAPPed, Collaborative Editing Comes to Dropbox, Etc.

Collaborative Editing Comes to Dropbox One of the best features of Google Docs is collaborative editing. You can hash out contract terms with another lawyer over the phone while both of you are looking at the same document instead of wrestling with Track Changes over a period of days or weeks. Your second chair at […]


Lawyer Hires Internet Tough Guy to Silence Internet-Tough-Guy Lawyers

Jump down to the latest update » Trying to get websites to take down pages that make you look bad is inherently problematic, but it’s even harder when your approach is to go around threatening lawyers who are well-known for not backing down in the face of threats. Florida lawyer Gary Ostrow apparently wanted to […]


Find Out Where Two-Factor Authentication is Available

You should be using two-factor authentication with your critical online accounts. It is one of the four steps we recommend taking in our security guide, because it is an easy way to drastically increase security. Two-factor authentication means using something you know (your password) and something you have (usually your phone, which most people keep […]


How Not to Suck at Social Media

Social media is actually quite simple, and there is only one way to succeed: be interesting, and social.


How to Prepare for Oral Argument

The key to better oral argument is to get away from your outline and use a more "modular" approach when preparing.


Timekeeping and Billing Software Buyers Guide

For many lawyers, timekeeping and billing are still central practice-management functions. And even though I am using the word *timekeeping* in this post, timekeeping and billing software for lawyers ought to support flat, contingent, and other alternatives to hourly billing.


Briefs: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, Serial Returns, Facebook at Work, Etc.

The terms that went with the sale of Wu-Tang Clan’s $2 million album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, include this amazing provision: As Aaron pointed out in our chatroom, “I assume ‘no legal repercussions’ means Bill Murray can murder at will. (As part of the caper.)” Indeed. I think we all know what the […]