Sam Glover

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder of Lawyerist, and he writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal technology, law practice management, access to justice, and more. His most recent publication is Lawyerist’s How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer.


Marc Randazza, Klingon Lawyer

In this amicus brief, Randazza doesn’t just make the argument that Klingon has all the elements of a living language, he shows it.

The fragment of statue of Cain by Henry Vidal in Tuileries Garden in Paris, France

Kansas Supreme Court Says It’s Unethical Not to Track Your Time

Every law student knows it takes more than a time sheet to determine the reasonableness of a lawyer's fee.


Thought Exercise: Build a Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger

Yesterday Facebook announced its new Messenger Platform, including Bots for Messenger. Basically this makes it easier to built an intelligent-seeming algorithm—a chat bot—that can interact with anyone who contacts it on Facebook Messenger. So let’s do a thought exercise. Let’s say people wanted to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with you about legal matters. What sort of bot could […]


ClearText: Write with Words People Can Actually Understand

ClearText is a text editor that limits you to the 1,000 most common English words. I thought it would be fun to write this post in ClearText, but I gave up.


Custom Case Management with Knack, Zapier, FreshBooks, WebMerge, and Trello

In our forum, Dan Sherman just outlined his custom case management solution: I’ve been playing with Knack recently. It’s a hosted database & interface service, all access is via a web browser. You can use it with Zapier, so for example, creating a new client in Freshbooks also creates a new client in Knack. It also […]


You Need a Vacation

No, seriously. Your work ethic is hurting your work. It isn't doing anything positive for your health, either.


Evernote Archaeology

A little Evernote archaeology now and then will keep you sharp and ensure your best thoughts don't get lost in your archives.


First Look: FactBox Case Organizing Software

If you regularly need to organize facts and evidence for reasonably complex cases, FactBox is a great way to keep track of all of it.

ATLAS UI - User Dashboard - Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter “Atlas” is its Biggest Update Yet

Rocket Matter always had a unique user interface, and it aged really well. But it was aging, and it lacked some features of a modern UI. It needed a refresh. Today, Rocket Matter releases its Atlas update, which is more than a mere refresh. With Atlas, Rocket Matter thoroughly reworked the user experience—and it’s pretty […]


What is the Best Analogy for a Smartphone?

Fundamental to the privacy dispute about cell phones—including the current dispute between Apple and the FBI—is what analogy best describes smartphones. The search for a good analogy is almost always at the heart of questions about technology and privacy and the law. We try to figure out new things with reference to old things. This […]


Can a Hashtag Influence the SCOTUS Nomination?

Back in February, David Lat and @SCOTUSplaces kicked off the #YesSri hashtag on Twitter, a social media campaign supporting the nomination of Sri Srinivasan to to the United States Supreme Court. It has also been enthusiastically championed by Texas appellate lawyer (and occasional Lawyerist contributor) Jason Steed. Nice Sri Srinivasan slogan! New #SCOTUS hashtag – […]


Non-Lawyers Can Already Be Law-Firm Partners—in Washington, D.C.

From the Washington Post: Many D.C. firms that have non-lawyer partners do so in the government affairs area [but] … The rule has much broader reach, giving architects at land-use firms, social workers at family law firms and scientists at intellectual property firms a chance to share in the profits. The D.C. rule does not […]


ABA Abandons Rocket Lawyer Partnership

Back in October, the ABA tested a partnership with Rocket Lawyer. For just $4.95, small businesses could ask an ABA member one question and a follow-up using an online portal. The pitch to lawyers was not a chunk of the $4.95, obviously, but the chance of a new client. Today, the ABA abandoned the partnership. Some are decrying […]