Roy Ginsburg

Roy Ginsburg

Roy Ginsburg is an attorney coach who works one-on-one with his clients in the areas of business development, practice management and career development/transitions. Hundreds of individual attorneys across the country have turned to Roy as a lawyer coach with expert support in these areas. In addition, many law firms and corporate legal departments rely on him for coaching expertise.

The Flaws of the “Recruit Your Successor” Exit Strategy

The “recruit your successor” retirement exit strategy is flawed. To obtain maximum value, transition your practice to more experienced lawyers.

Networking for Job Security

Networking is essential to job security. But due to a false sense of security, lawyers often neglect the networking they know they should be doing.

How to Avoid Practicing Law After Selling Your Practice

After a sale, you must “cease to engage in the private practice of law.” Does that mean you must hand over the keys, walk out the door, and immediately ride off into retirement sunset?

The Wrong Way To Network

Networking is about making both parties more successful. Avoid the mistakes of not being inquisitive, being pushy for leads, or forgetting to say "thank you."

Going Solo: Debunking the Top Ten Fears

Going solo with your legal practice may not be as scary as it seems.

Strategic Planning for Small Law Firms

Pressed for time and averse to business jargon, solos and small law firms may be overlooking benefits of strategic planning that include more and better business over the long term.

Get a Better Job: When and How to Pursue an Alternative Career

Pursuing an alternative career can be worth the (considerable) effort, but before you quit, take a deep breath and make sure you aren’t miserable for more-easily-fixed reasons.

What You Need to Know In Order to Sell a Law Practice

In the vast majority of states, lawyers may ethically buy and sell a law practice. Here's what you need to know while negotiating a sale, drafting the deal, and notifying clients.

How to Make Small Talk

Working the room” is the one business development tactic that strikes the most fear in lawyers. Most lawyers hate finding themselves at a reception at some conference or benefit, where they hope to meet a few new people in a crowd of hundreds. Here are some helpful hints to minimize the fear.

How To Determine If Your Law Practice Is Worth Anything

Is your law practice worth anything? Only practice areas with certain features are likely to yield future revenue when sold. These are the practices that lawyers should consider selling and other lawyers should consider buying.