Nicole Black

Nicole Black

Nicole is a Director at MyCase, an intuitive cloud-based practice management system for the modern law firm. She is lawyer, author, newspaper columnist, and legal technology evangelist.

Lawyers’ Path to Acceptance of Web Technology: The “5 Stages of D”

I’m in the process of reading Chris Anderson’s new book “Free” and am finding it to be a fascinating read. At one point he discusses Microsoft’s response—or lack thereof—to the free, open-source, Linux operating system, comparing the company’s slow and delayed reaction to K├╝bler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief. This idea intrigued me, and I wondered […]

Start a blog, get a job

Many job-seeking lawyers tend to overlook one of the most obvious ways to stand out from the crowd: start a law blog. Whether you were recently laid off, are a new graduate, or are returning to the law after a planned hiatus, a well-thought-out blog is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from other job […]