Nena Lenz

Nena Lenz

Nena Street is an associate in the Regulatory Affairs group at Dorsey & Whitney and occasionally writes for the Consumer Products Law blog.

Use Logic to Win Arguments: A Primer for Lawyers

Logic is an important skill for lawyers, both for constructing strong arguments and as the basis of legal thinking.

Tips for Adjuncts: Balancing Practice and Teaching

Teaching a law school course is a ton of work, but, it is well-worth the investment. It is not easy to maintain your quality of life while balancing practice and teaching, but it is doable.

How to Become an Adjunct Professor of Law

Although tenure-track law professorships are scarce and fiercely competitive, it is comparatively easy to become an adjunct professor of law.

Teaching Makes You a Better Lawyer

A good lawyer is a good teacher. If you enjoy the teaching part of practice, pursue teaching opportunities, whether as an adjunct professor of law or a regular on the CLE circuit, and you will become a better lawyer.

How to Channel Your Professor

Increase your chances of success on law school exams by learning to "channel your professor." At the most basic level, this simply means that you should write for your audience, i.e., your professor.

Clearly, the Answer is not “Obvious”

Do not insult your professors by pretending the answers are "clear," obvious," or other meaningless words.


10 Steps To Writing a Great Law School Final Paper

How to write a great law school final paper. Tips for law students to succeed at final exams.


How to Succeed on Take-Home Law School Exams

Tips for how to succeed on take home law school final exams.


How to Succeed on Open Book Law School Exams

Tips for law school open book final exams. Advice for law students studying for finals.


Closed Book Law School Exam Preparation Tips

Tips for succeeding on closed-book law school exams, from our Exam Week series of advice.


Winning the Law School Mind Game

The key to preparing for law school finals is to learn how to play the law school mind game.

Mentor and Be Mentored

Mentors can be a very important part of your network, during and after the mentoring relationship ends. Mentors understand your goals and what you have to offer, and they are invested in you. Odds are this sense of investment will increase over time. Mentors are therefore terrific resources for connections, references and introductions.

Internal Marketing Strategy for BigLaw Associates

Big firm associates need to take a cue from the solo-practitioner playbook and learn to hustle. We cannot sit in our offices and wait for the work to come to us. We need to become well-known and well-regarded within our firms to stay busy and stay on partner track. I implemented fhe following internal-marketing strategy […]

Prepare for law school success during your pre-1L summer

Waiting for law school to start this fall and wondering what you should be doing to prepare? Here are my top 7 tips for using your pre-1L summer to prepare for law school success. I encourage you to get physically fit and healthy, play, rest, challenge your brain, get organized, prepare others and prepare to win […]

Nena Street, Lawyerist Contributor

I am pleased to join the Lawyerist community as a contributor writing about success in law school and during your first few years of practice. I will write from the perspective of a recent law school graduate who was successful in law school and has thus far been successful in large firm private practice. Through […]