Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham is the Deputy Editor of, the Editor-in-Chief of Bitter Lawyer, teaches legal writing at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, and still believes in the Oxford comma.

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First Look: LawStudio

LawStudio is file management software aimed at trial attorneys who need to handle a lot of depositions, exhibits, and other trial documents. Here's our first look.


Limited Scope Representation, Limited Access to Justice

Limited representation models—either by lawyers or nonlawyers—will probably not solve the access-to-justice gap.


The Evolution of Law Practice Management Software Design

Legal practice management software has come a long way, design-wise.


LEAP Moves Document Assembly to the Cloud with Office 365’s Web Apps

LEAP legal practice management software just became first to market with a cloud-based document assembly solution.

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Where Should You Hang out Your Shingle?

A recent deep dive into law school graduate and projected legal jobs statistics could help you figure out where you might want to hang your shingle.

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Good Luck Getting the Government Data You Need

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has begun denying FOIA requests under the logic that if they provide the data to a defendant, the defendant can then defend themselves, and that is, apparently, bad.

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Eliminate Poor Communication Habits so You Don’t Lose Your Audience

As a lawyer, you need to talk to people and you need to keep their attention. Here's some tips on how to do so.

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The Right Kind of Breaks Can Make You More Productive

You need to take breaks. Period. Here are some ways to make your breaks more refreshing and ensure you return to work ready to concentrate.


Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I've encountered in my professional life.

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If Your Email Account Is Hacked, You Should Probably Tell Opposing Counsel

What happens if a hacker intercepts settlement money on its way from defendant to plaintiff? It turns on what the plaintiff knew and when he knew it.

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Measuring the Access-to-Justice Gap: Nearly 70% of All Civil Defendants Aren’t Represented

Nearly 70% of defendants—and over 75% of all litigants—go to court without a lawyer. We aren't going to solve this gap with an app or more pro bono work.


Should Lawyers Be Able to Discuss Client Information That’s Already Public?

A recent opinion from the California bar says that attorneys shouldn't be allowed to publicly discuss information about a client even if that information is publicly available. Whether or not that decision is wrong isn't quite the right question.


Windows 10 Is Collecting a Ton of Your Data for No Good Reason

Windows 10 collects a lot of data about how you use your computer and where. It shouldn't, and it doesn't have to.

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Fee Splitting is Mostly About Protecting Lawyers, Not Clients

Is South Carolina right in determining that Avvo's new fixed-fee service constitutes impermissible fee-splitting with non-lawyers? Sort of.

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Want to Focus on Your Goals? Let Your Mind Wander

A recent study shows that letting your mind wander can actually be good for you.