Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham teaches legal writing and skills courses at William Mitchell, is the Editor-in-Chief of Bitter Lawyer and Bitter Empire, and still believes in the Oxford comma.

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Briefs: Google Wants to Fix Your Eyes, Being a Nice Boss Is Overrated, Etc.

Up Next for Google: Fixing Your Eyesight In news that will either thrill you or make you squirm with discomfort, Google has announced that it has patented a device to correct your vision. The catch? It involves injecting that device directly into your eyeball. The device, Forbes reports, is designed to help the focusing of […]


Briefs: BarBri Faces ADA Lawsuit, Say Goodbye to Thomas, Etc.

Lawsuit: BarBri Isn’t ADA-Compliant BarBri’s online bar prep is a great idea in that you no longer have to slog to some semi-disused auditorium all summer and sit in the dark, mole-like, for four weeks. Instead, you can sit in the relative comfort of your own home and be terrified that you do not know […]


Wikipedia: a Guide For Lawyers

By now, Wikipedia is the thing that needs no introduction. But reading Wikipedia and editing it are two different things. Here's what you need to know to make a contribution to Wikipedia.

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Briefs: Bill Your Clients for Interns, 25% of Texas Grads Don’t Have Law Jobs, Etc.

Another iPhone Privacy Case Solved Without Apple’s Help First, we had the big San Bernardino iPhone case end with a whimper rather than a privacy-destroying bang thanks to the FBI figuring out how to break into the thing without Apple’s help. After that, though, the FBI demanded Apple help it in a New York drug case, but […]


New Lawsuit Says Gov’t Shouldn’t Profit from PACER

There is no question that none of us like paying our PACER fees, particularly given that navigating the site often still feels a lot like you are back using Netscape Navigator. That said, most of us grudgingly agree that using the site (and paying the fees) is quite literally the cost of doing business as […]


Microsoft Commits $1 Million to LSC for Access to Justice

Legal Services Corporation (LSC), the largest organization that funds legal aid programs, announced yesterday that Microsoft has committed $1 million of funding and resources to build out what LSC is calling “legal portals” – basically, online resources that will direct low-income people to legal providers. As its first step, the LSC’s portal project will create […]


URL Shorteners Are Attractive, Convenient, and a Security Risk

Those services that automatically shorten unwieldy and lengthy web addresses are great. They allow you to send something that is a few characters long rather than some mess that spans three full lines. Unfortunately, at least some of them can be compromised to reveal personal information. Worse still, they could create an easy pathway to […]


Briefs: Uninstall QuickTime ASAP, Apple Trolls the DOJ, Etc.

Get Rid of QuickTime Now if You Are a Windows User You probably have not even been paying attention as to whether you still have QuickTime on your Windows machine, because Apple hasn’t issued a major Windows QuickTime release since 2005, which is one million years ago in internet time. In January, Apple stopped supporting QuickTime […]


Microsoft Sues To Stop The Government From Secretly Looking At Your Data

Attorneys have a complicated relationship with cloud storage. On the one hand, storing everything in the cloud is fantastically convenient and really has become mission critical for attorneys to access information on the go. On the other hand, there has been a steady drip of concerns about the NSA being able to get to cloud-based storage […]


The ABA Wants to Know What You Think About Regulating Legal Tech

Two years ago, the American Bar Association created the Commission on the Future of Legal Services to examine, among other things, how legal technology can transform delivery of and access to legal services. Late last month, the Commission released its Issues Paper Concerning Unregulated LSP Entities. The paper defines “unregulated LSP entities” broadly and in a […]


These Apps Shame You if You Spend Too Much Time Glued to Your Screens

You already know that you are spending way too much time checking your email across various devices. Are you the person that, after glancing at your email, goes on to spend another hour just fiddling around on whatever device is at hand? Perhaps you are a candidate for these apps that will make you feel mortified about how […]


Briefs: Cornell’s Tech LLM, Everyone Thinks Law Is Bad At Diversity, Etc.

Another Order To Unlock Another Apple Phone Just when you thought the dust had settled from the San Bernardino Apple case, thanks to the feds figuring out a way to unlock the phone without Apple’s help, here comes another case where a judge has ordered Apple assist law enforcement in unlocking an iPhone. Unsealed Friday at […]

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Briefs: Evaluating Legal Tech, Posner Would Burn The Bluebook, Etc.

How To Evaluate Legal Technology: A Handy Checklist We have written here about how law technology often focuses on the wrong problems. How do you make sure that the latest piece of tech that you are utterly enamored with is actually working for you, rather than being a shiny new toy? Over at Slaw, a Canadian […]


First Look: Lexicata CRM and Client Intake Software

If your practice is lead-generation heavy and you need to track a lot of leads from first contact to (hopefully) signing them, Lexicata will really streamline that process.


Briefs: Casemaker Will Fight Fastcase, Employees Will Sell Your Passwords, and Chatbots Will Become Racist, Etc.

Casemaker Is Going to Fight the Fastcase Lawsuit After All A couple months ago, Casemaker declared that they were the sole publisher of Georgia laws, which is…not how the law works, as statutory codes cannot be copyrighted. Fastcase promptly sued. Although Casemaker initially (and wisely) said they would not fight the lawsuit, they have since […]