Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham

Lisa Needham teaches legal writing and skills courses at William Mitchell, is the Editor-in-Chief of Bitter Lawyer and Bitter Empire, and still believes in the Oxford comma.


The Best Legal Pad for Legal Work

You use legal pads every day. Rather than scraping by with lackluster legal pads from your office closet, purchase a legal pad that can handle the rough and tumbles of your daily life. It's for your own good.


Security Issues Galore Await You in the Internet Of Things

Everything will talk to everything in the Internet of Things, and it will be an enormous legal and security nightmare. We wish you the best of luck.


An Arbitrary And Incomplete History Of Courtroom Fashion

Are you one of those attorneys who frets about what to wear to court? Do you worry about whether your tie matches your shirt or your shoes match your tights? Or are you one of those attorneys who is stupefyingly bored by your court options, because really, how creative can you be with the standard […]


5 Google Searches That Reveal The Sad Truth About Lawyers

Apparently lawyers are mean, arrogant, miserable, and costly jerks. But hey! At least Google tells use we're important mean, arrogant, miserable, and costly jerks.


Beware Public Wi-Fi When Accessing Client Information

You are not living up to your ethical obligations to a client if you are exposing their data to public wi-fi.


Sookasa Provides HIPAA-Compliant, Encrypted Cloud Storage

If you are a solo or small firm that needs to easily manage secure healthcare data while being on the go, Sookasa may be a great solution for your practice.


Marriott Can No Longer Block You From Using Your Own Wi-Fi Because That Is Ridiculous

It seems that semi-luxurious juggernaut Marriott was not content to charge you exorbitant prices for their wi-fi. They also wanted to make sure you could not use your wi-fi by blocking personal wifi hotspots.


Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Come To Android For Real This Time

Where Microsoft’s core Office apps have been free for iOS for a couple months now, Android users have had to cool their heels until yesterday, when Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint finally showed up on the Google Play store. There is limited functionality unless you opt for a Microsoft 365 subscription, but you should still […]


It Has Come to This: Arguing About Emoji in the Silk Road Trial

Isn't this what everyone dreamed of when we thought about becoming a lawyer?


6 Terrible Lawyer Tattoos

You may think getting a lawyer tattoo is a good. Think again, unless you would like to contribute to this fantastic list.


History Nerds: Listen To LBJ Try to Make Abe Fortas Chief Justice

No one — before or since — has ever said "goddamned New York Times" like LBJ said "goddamned New York Times."


If You Want Google Inbox, Now is the Time

Google Inbox gives you a fancy new front end with reminders and snoozing and bundling tweets and suped-up labels.


This Robot Will Write Your Thank You Notes

I am mocking this, but since it involves fountain pens and robots, two of my twin obsessions, the chances I will end up giving Bond some of my money is high.


Go Tell The California Bar What You Think About Blogging Right Now

If you are a California attorney with even the remotest bit of blogging savvy, it may be time for you to respond to this Request for Comment from the the State Bar of California. We already know that most legal marketing ethics rules are a hot over-regulated mess. California’s State Bar wrote a far-too-many-words position paper with […]


The TSA’s Pre-Check Program Might Get A Little Personal

Techdirt reports that the TSA is kind of sad that more of you haven’t thrown down money to get your private life inspected to enough of a degree that you are now allowed to be (relatively) waved through airport security. In true Kafka-esque fashion, the TSA is going to solve this problem by putting it […]