Leora Maccabee Itman

Leora Maccabee Itman

Leora Maccabee is a litigation associate at the Maslon law firm. An expert in the use of social media for legal professionals, you can also find Leora on Twitter and LinkedIn.

10 Legal Writing Tips From Bryan Garner

Some of the best legal writing tips from Bryan Garner's great book on Advanced Legal Writing and Editing.

Start a Law Firm: Tidbits from Twitter

Last week I joined Sam Glover of Lawyerist and Blois Olson of Tunheim Partners to teach a seminar on websites, online marketing and social media to 100+ lawyers in the process of hanging out their own shingles as part of a day-long “How to How to Start & Build a Successful Law Firm” CLE. In […]

Online Budgeting for Young Lawyers

Whether you are working at a law firm, at the public defender's office, starting your own law practice, waiting tables while you look for legal employment, or in law school and planning ahead, Mint.com can become your new best friend.

Why Attorneys Need Local Legal Twitter Lists

You should be using Twitter lists to connect with your local colleagues--the same ones that you will run into at a regional conference, or a local CLE.

Why Lawyers Should Not “Quit” Facebook

Virginia Heffernan would have us believe we are experiencing a “Facebook Exodus,” or so she lamented  in the New York Times magazine this weekend. Describing the packs of former users signing off the site for good, she wondered if Facebook was no more than a college clique, doomed to become an “online ghost town, run […]

Legal marketing ethics in a Web 2.0 world

As I signed off of the American Bar Association’s CLE webcast and phone conference yesterday, Ethical Implications of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World, I was left, not surprisingly, with more questions than answers. The CLE provided no magic bullet or easy catch-all answer, but the speakers—Micah Buchdahl, Michael P. Downey, and Scott G. Wolfe, […]

The Legal Ethics of Lawyers Spying Through Facebook

Is it ethical for a lawyer to change Facebook settings in order to investigate or spy on opposing parties?

Why lawyers must join the Twitter news revolution

Saturday night I joined millions of Twitterers around the world to follow the news about the post-election protests in Iran in a news medium more exciting, terrifying and awe-inspiring than anything I had experienced before. I was participating in Twitter’s news revolution. It felt like news via lightning-strike. As a former student of political science […]

Bar exam studies under way? Tips from someone in your shoes

I am in your shoes And they are tight and sweaty and uncomfortable. The BarBri class to prepare for the bar examination (Minnesota, in my case) has taken over my mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and any free time in between. Like many of you, on top of studying, I had to move into a new […]

Land your dream job on Twitter

Whether you are already a Twitter guru, or are just beginning to curiously test its waters, here are the best resources for finding your legal dream job on Twitter, with a bit of general Twitter advice as well. General Twitter Advice If you’re not yet on Twitter, here are my short and sweet tips: