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Podcast #82: Starting a Non-Profit Firm While in Law School, with Jamie Sutton

On this week's podcast, Sam talks to Jamie Sutton, a third-year law student that has already started his own sliding-scale nonprofit law firm.


Product Design, Better Documents, Client Service, and Ethics, with TBD Law Sponsors

At TBD Law, sponsors were invited to share their knowledge, not sell. Each took a turn into the "hot seat" to discuss product design, better documents, client service, and the difference between attorney-client confidentiality and data privacy.


TBD Hackathon: Building the Law Practice of the Future

At TBD Law, talented attorneys hacked the future of law.


Podcast #81: The Dark Web, with Mark Lanterman

This week, Sam talks with computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman about the dark web and the latest trends in law firm security breaches.

Slack for iOS Upload

Here’s What You Missed This Morning at TBD Law

It's the first day of TBD Law, a unique collaboration between Filament and Lawyerist, where a diverse group of lawyers has gathered to talk about how to shape the future of law. Here are a few quick highlights.


Podcast #80: How to Overcome Resistance to Technology Upgrades, with Will Harrelson

On this week's Lawyerist podcast, Sam talks to Will Harrelson of Curo Legal about what to do when you are working with someone who is resistant to upgrading their systems and technology.


Podcast #79: Legal Insurance and Bridging the Access to Justice Gap, with Nicolle Schippers

On this week's podcast, Sam talks with Nicolle Schippers, associate general counsel at ARAG North America, about legal insurance and bridging the access to justice gap.


Podcast #78: Going Solo When You’re the Sole Breadwinner, with Randall Ryder

This week, Sam talks to Randall Ryder about choosing to be a solo practitioner when you are also the sole breadwinner.


Podcast #77: Solving Problems by Building a Software Solution, with Janine Sickmeyer

For this week's podcast, Sam talks with Janine Sickmeyer, CEO and founder of NextChapter, about how she went from being frustrated with her practice management software to building her own.


Podcast #76: Setting Flat Fees at a New Firm, with Jamie Whitney

For this week's podcast, Sam talks with Jamie Whitney, an attorney who recently went out on her own after several years at a large firm. They talk about the process of setting flat fees when you have just started your firm.