Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist for LawLytics legal marketing in Tucson, Arizona. He is also the Editor of The National Trial Lawyers, and former Editor in Chief of
Larry Bodine

Listening Your Way to New Business

Listening is the most effective sales technique. The way to sell effectively is to meet a prospective client and have five intelligent questions ready.

A Universal Marketing Checklist for Young Lawyers

By taking these steps, associates and young lawyers can transform their legal careers from supporting associate to rainmaking partner.

Larry Bodine

Follow-Up: The Marketing Step Lawyers Miss

Lawyers waste time and money because of this omission. The missing step is following up.

Boosting Leads and New Business with Search Engine Optimization

To rank high in "organic" search results --- the free kind that Google supplies --- two key factors are keywords and inbound links (or "inlinks).

Larry Bodine

Legal Marketing in Client Organizations

Pursue face-to-face legal marketing by being visible in a trade or business association. It will increase your word-of-mouth advertising.

Larry Bodine

Sell Legal Services by Asking Questions

Selling is not about convincing the other person to buy. It's about asking questions like a doctor who asks "where it hurts" and listens attentively.

Using LinkedIn’s People Search for Business Development

LinkedIn’s “Advanced People Search” helps lawyers get to know executives at target companies.

Larry Bodine

Ten Ways to Increase Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful way to generate new business. Here are ten ways to improve it.