Kevin Houchin

Kevin Houchin

Attorney and Counselor at Law, and Ambiguity

Is "Attorney & Counselor at Law" a redundant job title? No. The roles are distinct and there is a time and place for each.

Top 4 Trademark Law & Branding Tips

Trademark law & branding tips for entrepreneurs and others launching new companies, products, or services.

Core Values: What’s Important to You?

What is most important to you? Why do you make the choices you make and do the things you do? These are important questions for each of us.

Time to Join the Circus?

Why are so many lawyers unhappy? I think it's because our jobs lack an inherent element of creative expression and we don't try to BE creative.

Name Calling: I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Sometimes it's healthy to examine name calling. I've been called some interesting names, and when it happens, I know I've won the argument.

Drawing the Line: Defamation & Political Blogs

Where should we draw the line of defamation in the context of highly-charged political blog flame wars? Where would YOU draw the line?

Goal Setting: Good Enough is Not Good Enough

Good enough is not good enough anymore. Set your goals beyond the status quo or best practice and use that as a springboard toward achieving your highest potential.

Top Creativity Productivity Boosters

What can you do to boost your creativity? The top two things you can do are carry a journal and turn off the television. Are you up to the challenge?

Mediation Meditation: Expanding the Practice

Meditating on mediating? The first of a series of posts about expanding a law practice to include mediation services.

5 Tips for Giving Professional Referrals

Giving referrals is an art. Do these 5 things and you'll be helping more clients and receiving more referrals in return.