Kevin Houchin

Kevin Houchin

Attorney and Counselor at Law, and Ambiguity

Is "Attorney & Counselor at Law" a redundant job title? No. The roles are distinct and there is a time and place for each.

Top 4 Trademark Law & Branding Tips

Core Values: What’s Important to You?

Time to Join the Circus?

Why are so many lawyers unhappy? I think it's because our jobs lack an inherent element of creative expression and we don't try to BE creative.

Name Calling: I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Drawing the Line: Defamation & Political Blogs

Where should we draw the line of defamation in the context of highly-charged political blog flame wars? Where would YOU draw the line?

Goal Setting: Good Enough is Not Good Enough

Good enough is not good enough anymore. Set your goals beyond the status quo or best practice and use that as a springboard toward achieving your highest potential.

Top Creativity Productivity Boosters

Mediation Meditation: Expanding the Practice

Meditating on mediating? The first of a series of posts about expanding a law practice to include mediation services.

5 Tips for Giving Professional Referrals

Giving referrals is an art. Do these 5 things and you'll be helping more clients and receiving more referrals in return.

Law School: Consistent Labels for Specialized JD Programing

Beyond Theory: Practical Legal Marketing Advice

Practical legal marketing tips for identifying your target niche, then providing real value in core project competencies that build "expert" status.

Elevator Speech Strategy: Fill in the Blanks

Specialized JD Programming: Majoring in Law School

Improve Legal Professionalism with Humility