Kendra Brodin

Kendra Brodin

Kendra Brodin is the Director of Career and Professional Development at St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. Kendra is also a career and professional development coach and consultant for lawyers and law firms nationwide.

Minimizing Stress in Your Everyday Life

It’s a given that the life of a lawyer will have a significant degree of stress, but we can use healthy habits and behaviors to make the stress bearable.

The Challenges of Being a Lawyer-Parent

What can “lawyer-parents” do to survive and (maybe, just maybe) thrive as both lawyers and parents? Here are some tips...

E-Mail Etiquette 101

A look at email etiquette. A quick list of etiquette tips for all your professional e-mail communications.

How to Maximize Your Mentor Relationship

Mentoring programs are the hot new thing at law schools, bar associations, and law firms. Get the most out of a relationship with a mentor.

It’s Not Enough To Be Smart When Job Seeking

Job seeking - It’s a tough legal market out there. Firms are getting hundreds of applications for every position they post. Tips to set yourself apart

The Case for Pro Bono Work

The importance of doing pro bono work. As busy attorneys, how is pro bono work a “win-win” for us? How can it benefit us professionally and personally?

Top 10 Basic Etiquette Tips for Lawyers

Etiquette Tips: We function each day with other people and we need to know how to act around them in order to not embarrass ourselves or our firms.

Legal Career Transitions

Whatever our transitions look like, there are particular skills, behaviors and habits that will help those transitions be as smooth as possible.

Avoid These 10 Rookie Associate Mistakes

Ten of the most significant mistakes new law firm associates make.

Lawyer Relationships: 7 Ways to Stay Together

Lawyer relationships: how to maintain relationships; communication, priorities, quality time, practice empathy, ask for help, and care for yourself.