Kate Battle

Kate Battle

Kate is a Chicago-based attorney, marketing consultant and writer with a passion for independent music, art and culture. When she's not assisting bands with legal needs or helping small firms and businesses with new media, she writes about all things that inspire her on her arts and life blog, Incinerating Diamonds. You can also learn more about Kate at www.ktbattle.com.

A Law Firm Rankings Directory Primer

Submit your law firm for rankings to stand out and get bigger and better clients.

Kate Battle

My Favorite Static Website Builder

Sometimes you don't need a blog. When I need a static front page, I like to use Wix. It makes it easy to build a site. No code knowledge required.

Kate Battle

Think Backlight is Ruining Your Vision? Think Again.

Is computer or tablet backlight causing eye strain and blurry vision? It has less to do with your device and more to do with how you use your eyes.

Get Local News Media Attention

If you want to generate a lot of buzz for your law firm, attracting the local news media is key. Learn how from Lindsey Brown, a Memphis news anchor.

Kate Battle

Six Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Kony 2012

Kony 2012 swept the internet in a matter of days. What can lawyers learn about marketing from this viral video campaign?

Tax Deductions and Pro Bono Work

You can't deduct the value of your time and services for charity, but you may be able to deduct other expenses for your pro bono services.

How to Handle Doc Review Downtime

If you do document review to make extra cash, follow these tips to limit downtime and book new jobs faster.

Tips from a Model for Shooting Law Firm Video

Camera-ready tips for lawyers from a former model and fashion blogger to help you make the most of your webinars, videos, and teleconferences.

The 20-Mile March for Lawyers

Building a successful law practice isn't about SEO, new marketing plans, or the most clients. It's about the 20-mile march and setting the pace.

Kate Battle

Will Predictive Coding Spell Trouble for Doc Review Attorneys?

Are more attorney jobs about to be on the chopping block as predictive coding software enters the world of ediscovery?

Creating a One-Sheet for Your Law Firm

Take a hint from the music industry to promote your law firm to referral sources. Follow these tips to create a simple one-sheet for your law firm.

Kate Battle

How to Run a Thirty Minute Meeting

Want to make the most of meetings in your law firm? Think quality over quantity and get more done with a thirty minute meeting.

Kate Battle

Five Great Chrome Apps for Productivity

Use these Google Chrome apps to increase productivity and make your web browser into a handy tool, both online and off.

Time for a Technology Diet?

Follow this tips to go on a tech diet and restore health, sanity and balance to your life.

Kate Battle

The Gamification of Your Inbox

Make managing your inbox easier by turning this task into a game.